Audio-Visuel – Cinema/Vido/Crossmedia/Transmdia

Pépinières continue their exploration of young creation by broadly opening up their research spectrum to all forms of artistic creation that renew cinematographic creation.

Whichever the training course they may have been through – cinema schools, visual arts schools, digital arts or other -, all of the young filmmakers whose films are presented in the frame of “Young creation video-cinema” bring an unexpected vision and show a inventiveness that touches us and questions us.

Each year is a new opportunity to develop contacts with professionals: producers and festival programmers.


Silent Noise (Video poem) – Tamara Laï (Be) | 2020

"What flavors here?" What scents now ... "Nostalgia for the days before ... Carelessness, freedom of movement, human warmth, nature ... which the Coronavirus does not block deprives us cruelly. This new video-poem by Tamara Laï whose images were filmed in various...

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31.01 > 07.02.2020 | Kika Nicolela @ Festival FARaway Reims

Kika Nicolela - Exchange area At the suggestion of Transcultures, Césaré presents in the FARaway festival, an exhibition by the Brazilian visual artist Kika Nicolela, with three works – which while being very diverse in their approaches – offer variations on the idea...

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25 > 27.11.19 | Sonic Scapes @ City Sonic Festival (Be)

Les Pépinières européennes de Création (réseau international de soutien à la mobilité et à la diffusion des arts contemporains, des créations pratiques émergentes et intermédiatiques) et Transcultures proposent une sélection audio-vidéo d’artistes hybrides de générations et d’origines variées. Elle souligne le lien dynamique entre les dimensions visuelle et sonore d’un “paysage” (entendu comme le résultat d’une construction et d’une vision humaine et culturelle).

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La couverture (mélomane) par Christophe Bailleau

From a piece evoking, with a Spring accent, the North American minimalism (Melomane) from his new album ‘Firebird’ released by Transonic (in connection with the eponymous poetic notebook), Christophe Bailleau made a video (in the framework of a residency hosted by the...

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Bela Timi by Alex Boca (music Paradise Now)

Following the workshop and collective exhibition ‘The Secondary Sonic Space’ initiated in October 2018 by the association Simultan and Timisoara, European Capital of Culture in 2021 in partnership with Transcultures and Pépinières de Création, Transcultures Belgium...

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