Since its creation in 2019, the Zone Libre sound arts festival has emerged as one of the essential events for sound creation in Corsica. Discovering projects that question, shake up and enrich aesthetics, the festival has established itself for its transversality, with its ability to combine sound and visual arts with open and innovative performative forms. Zone Libre traces this path towards a sixth edition (again with the complicity of the European Pepinieres of Creation and Transcultures/this time in the framework of the 20th anniversary of its sound arts international festival City Sonic), the opportunity to reiterate the importance and richness of hybrid and abundant uses such as sound arts.

Zone Libre – Festivale di l’arti sonori (in Corsican) – celebrates the immediate pleasure of sound creation with its concerts, performances, and its sound tour, the opportunity to discover artists who integrate into their sonic representations some elements of the visual arts, cinema, narration, eclecticism, highlighting the most unique and innovative expressions. Zone Libre constantly sheds new light on artists from all backgrounds, encourages and supports the first steps of young creators, to promote experimentation and daring as well as research and reflection between art and science.

Philippe Franck, director of the European Pepinieres of Creation, has been the exhibition curator of the sound tour in the city since 2021, with particular attention to sound and digital emergences.

The vibration of a festival like ours is to capture a world in perpetual movement and to be in touch with the questions of artists and researchers driven by singular and daring visions. Working on the organization and programming of such an event, but also setting up cultural action systems in the many places that welcome us: schools, libraries and media libraries, museums, conservatories and public institutions, are missions that are intrinsically linked and complement each other.

From the intimacy to reflection, from everyday life to great myths, from popular music to experimental music, from solo to ensemble, from installation to concert, Zone Libre deploys the entire range of sounds, replacing noise and violence of world news, poetic islands which provoke a pleasure and an energy which make us feel terribly alive!

For seven days, more than twenty artists of all generations and nationalities combined in a beautiful creative spiral we will offer to take this sound journey from Corsica to Brussels, Mons, Vienna, Limoges via Berlin, Paris, Rome, Liège, Athens, Angoulême, London, Isokyrö… We will meet these wonderful creators to share moments of listening, each rarer than the other, but above all unique.

Zone Libre 2024

For this 2024 program, which offers both local and national discoveries as well as international guests, various exploratory fields are identifiable:

  • a itinerary tour of sound installations linking several places in the city center of Bastia and its surroundings,
  • the sound (and digital) emergence section with young related artists
  • Concerts and sonic performances

These various components complement each other and contribute to the interest of this unique contextual audio creation festival both in Corsica and in France. The different people and structures taking part in the festival:

Agnès Guillaume ||| Aleksejus Sapiego ||| Alexis Malbert ||| Antonello Salis ||| Aritoni Hadzijanev ||| Cédric Vanstraelen ||| Christian Vialerd ||| Christophe Bailleau ||| Christopher Chaplin ||| Claude Davin ||| Colline Gall ||| Damien Brassart ||| Datum Cut ||| Edvinas Siliunas ||| Fernando De Azevedo ||| Gabriel Soucheyre ||| Gediminas Stepanavičius ||| Groupe Isulatine ||| Guillaume Faure ||| Guillaume Mazloum ||| Hamida Mathieu ||| Hans Joachim Roedelius ||| Hasan Alp Celikel ||| Jan Jelinek ||| Jérôme Casalonga ||| Kotryna Kvedaryte ||| Kotryna Žilinskaitė ||| Khaldoun Zreik ||| Luc Autrey ||| Maja Jantar ||| Mathea Raffini ||| Novi Sad ||| Novi Sad ||| Olivier Delevingne ||| Olivier Delevingne ||| Paracise Now ||| Paulu Santu Parigi ||| Philippe Boisnard ||| Philippe Brodu ||| Philippe Franck ||| Piero Geiger ||| Rafael ||| Raimonda & Agné Žiūkaitė ||| Roberto Beccera ||| Roméo Poirier ||| Rosa Roedelius ||| Stéphane Kozik ||| Toma Cepaite ||| Tommy Lawson ||| Tommy Lawson ||| Valérie Giovanni… /// City Sonic ||| Conservatoire Henri Tomasi de Bastia ||| Arturia Université ||| Videoformes…