Following a residency of European Pépinières of Creation between Paris (where the coordination of the Pépinières is established) and Charleroi (where is based Transcultures, coordinator of the European Pepinieres for the Federation Wallonia-Brussels) in the beginning of 2019, Régis Cotentin, French film director and visual artist has just finished a new phantasmagoric video work (duration of this 1st version: 7’30) of which he has also composed the soundtrack.

‘Slyder’ is a dreamlike dive where the organic energies meet with the digital fluxes; ‘A disorder wins the spirit of a survivor. The song of the chimeras of the past pushes him towards the blackness of his mental screen, but a surprise awaits him when he spots the vanishing point of his memory … mirroring as it mirrors the present … and the journey continues’.

Exhibition curator, in charge of contemporary programming at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille, Regis Cotentin has been developing, for twenty years, a fantastic and dreamlike visual work selected in numerous international events, which privileges the link between the contemporary image and open electronic and contemporary music.


  • The Slyder, Régis Cotentin, France, 7’30’’, 2019
  • 15.03.019 – première @ Festival Vidéoformes – Clermont-Ferrand – France
  • regiscotentin.fr