Biba Sheikh (author, theatre director, performer – USA/LEB) currently hosted in residence by Born Global Foundation, has created a symbolism developed from workshops with students of biomimicry where themes such as sacred geometry were the bases for developing a play. The text « I am the small seed » was written by her for this interdisciplinary and currently online project. It was conceived by doing meditations or visualizations of becoming a seed that explodes to sprout roots and grows into a tree; however, the symbolism is of death, with an urn shaped large vase, in front of a table with a suitcase on it…giving the emotion of a travel or voyage. The actor playing the rising plant, is hidden under the table and rises from a hole cut out of the table and suitcase. So it is also a birth after death, the notion of reincarnation or rebirth.

The play is, as well, about the notion of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. When there are great fires of war, not all seeds get burned… Those which are hidden inside the Earth will grow after the fires.

Currently participating in Biba Sheikh’s project in process, is a flamenco group in Edinburgh doing a performance of the script, a solo actress in Ohio performing the script, a group of young Muslims and Christians uniting through doing the script in Lebanon, produced, and supervised by Roya Kais, in this marvelous production. The music (by Belgian/French sound artist Paradise Now) will be playing while these productions are highlighted by video… And the music could be used in the performance itself in Ohio and Lebanon.

This project is a prelude to a production for the autumn 2022.

Project Participants : Lucas Rodriguez (BR), Jamhour School – Lebanon, Dr. Kimberly Samaha, Isabella Samaha, Jason Kourieh, Maria Bejjani, Sasha Mallat, Maia Samaha, Celine Abi Nader (Beirut- LB) Roya Kais, Anthony Daoud Photography, Mrs Christine Daoud Rayes, students of the Secondary Evangelical School Lebanon (Zhale – LB), Paradise Now (Mons – BE), Debora Totti Cranendonk, Terence Cranendonk (Ohio-USA), TuFlamenco, Inma Montero (Edinburgh – GB), Hans Christian (WI, États-Unis), Andrea Rude McKenzie (Detroit-USA)

Biba Sheikh

Habibah (Biba) Sheikh began studying mime with Marcel Marceau and later with members of the Polish Laboratory Theater. She has gathered inspiration for her storytelling from a number of different cultures: USA, Paris, Sevilla (with the Gypsy/Roma population), Berlin, Amsterdam, Beirut, and Greece, where she set up a platform with 13 artists from the Mediterranean who make visual works based on her stories of her journey with the “abandoned children” of Lebanon. Her work is also featured in the film Citizen Xenos by Lucas Paleocrassas, which follows life in refugee camps where youths engaged in theater and voice workshops.

She is currently based in Detroit where she develops participatory, poetic and interdisciplinary projects. She is vice president of The World In America, an association advocating for cultural diversity and global awareness. She collaborates with the International Institute of Metro Detroit in Global Education.



  • 26.06 > 01.07.2022
  • Davos Congress Centre
  • Talstrasse 49a, 7270 Davos Platz, Suisse
  • davoscongress.ch


  • With the support of the Born Global Foundation and the European Pepinieres of Creation