Do you have to be a poet to write poetry? And if a simple deconstruction of the order of things gave us the courage to write without complex.

In his exhibition Postcards from Alma, nomadic artist Thiago Antonio Mendonça de Sousa* invites the public on a poetic journey where they are masters of their destination. Setting out to discover the finds of the artist inspired by his various previous travels and encounters, the spectator experiences relational aesthetics by sending real or imaginary postcards.

The whole will take shape in a contemplative exhibition using several mediums such as photography, installation, video art and poetry.

*in Pépinières residence at Langage Plus 2020, interrupted and postponed due to the Covid.


Thiago Antonio was born in in Rio de Janeiro. His training in cinema and his interest in poetry and literature led his work towards the visual and digital arts and the creation of visual poems and videos. In his “Videolivros” series he positions himself as a character, speaking in the first person singular by inserting texts and images from his personal archives constructed on the basis of his movements.

Actor of the Brazilian underground scene for many years, Thiago is a well-experienced visual and digital artist. His abstract and sensitive approach of VJing creates a new dimension in the spaces where he performs. His visual creations create a perpetual dialogue with the music, creating a multi-sensory trip for the audience.


  • 17.06 > 28.08.2022
  • LANGAGE PLUS – Centre d’art actuel
  • 555 Rue Collard, Alma, QC G8B 1N1, Québec Canada
  • langageplus.com


  • Langage Plus
  • With the support of : Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec, The European Pepinieres of Creation, the Franco-Quebecois Office for Youth and the SAGAMIE center.