The first phase of the digital creation/research residency exchange between Transcultures (Be) and La Chambre Blanche (Qc) associates the Belgian multimedia and sound artist Alain Wergifosse with the Quebec art historian/curator Anne-Sophie Blanchet. Alain Wergifosse has been interested in optical physics, focusing in particular on light and its different manifestations. Time, movement and colors are all avenues of exploration, both empirical and conceptual which, in the long term, should give rise to the creation of an unprecedented immersive and interactive installation.

For the end of this ‘Vice Versa’ residency at Transcultures, Alain Wergifosse offers a multimedia album called “Flux & Densities” on the Transonic label managed by Transcultures. This includes a video resulting from the artist’s first experiments within the framework of this project (it is therefore not the final work, but a privileged foray into his creative process), a podcast by Alain Wergifosse interviewed by Anne-Sophie Blanchet (exploring some of her influences and sources of inspiration up to some of the major concepts that cross her practice and her current research for the Flux & Densities project) as well only original sound pieces.


  • Crossed residencies Vice <-> Versa 2020-21
  • 1st résidence : Autumn 2020 @ Transcultures
  • 2d résidence : Spring 2021 @ La Chambre Blanche
  • La Louvière (Be) + Québec City (Ca)
  • alainwergifosse.com