Transcultures is pleased to renew a partnership with the Databaz structure (led by the French creator, author and researcher Philippe Boisnard) which supports digital arts and emerging creative practices for the launch of its new mini festival “Disjont’son” which like its name indicates gives pride of place to adventurous sound creation in its various aesthetics.

Dar Zero (Be/Fr)

Dar Zero is the new project of Philippe Franck and Tommy Lawson who are joining forces to combine, with a contextual approach, landscapes, sound, electronic and guitar treatments, poetry and singing. Their performances, always linked to the place of their production but also a certain nomadism, are as sonic as they are photographic and videographic.

For this first performance following a residency at Databaz, Dar Zero invites creator-programmer Philippe Boisnard to work with them on the multimedia and visual aspects.

Philippe Franck (Fr/Be)

Art historian, essayist and art critic, sound and intermedia producer/creator, Philippe Franck is the artistic director and founder of Transcultures (since 1996). Under the alias Paradise Now, he has been developing a multifaceted artistic journey since the early 1990s, with a forward-looking and collaborative approach, blending cinematic audio landscapes, poetry and impressionistic singing and guitar.


Tommy Lawson (Tg/Fr)

As a sound artist, sound designer, and digital performer, he is also a producer and event curator promoting electronic music. He develops projects that blend electronic and electroacoustic music. In 2008, he founded Zone Libre, a structure for creation, production, and dissemination through which he organizes the eponymous Sound Arts Festival since 2019, at the intersection of art, science, and new technologies.


Philippe Boisnard (Fr) | Paysage de la catastrophe

In line with his poetics of catastrophe (2015-2022), presented numerous times, Philippe Boisnard is developing a new poetic and audio-visual performance focusing on collapse.

Both a poem and a visual and sound experience, the live performance unfolds as an exploration of the collapse of an entire civilizational system: linguistic, spatial and graphic. Manipulated live in a form of synesthesia of sound and image, Collapse plunges the viewer into a minimalist and radical flash in order to capture the accelerated destruction of a world.

Philippe Boisnard (Fr)

Multimedia artist and writer, Philippe Boisnard explores the construction of humanity through the materiality of codes and representations linked to political, social, economic, and post-historical dimensions.

All of his work reflects on the evolution of humanity in the age of cybernetics and digital technology. A regular contributor to numerous journals (Inter, Art actuel, Jungle Juice, L’armée noire, Mobile Album International, Celebrity Café), he has published various poetic and philosophical narratives: “Pan Cake” (Hermaphrodite), “Atom-Z nous sommes 6 milliards” (publie.net), “Frontière du visage, analogique-numérique” (L’Harmattan).

His installations and performances have been showcased internationally in over 20 countries: at FIMAV (Canada), at the TOPO agency (Canada), at the Mapping Festival (Switzerland), at the Digital Choc (Japan), etc. In 2016, he notably curated exhibitions for the Accès(s) festivals in Pau.



Stéphane Kozik (Be) – Digital Recipes

Avec un instrumentarium inédit Stéphane Kozik tente le défi de réaliser un concert tout en cuisinant. L’univers créé par les appareils ménagers qui s’animent seuls, transforme la recette en véritable conte sonore, moment multisensoriel enrichissant à la fois pour les yeux, les oreilles et les papilles.

Dans ce projet singulier, Stéphane Kozik n’hésite pas à mélanger les genres et les disciplines : se rencontrent ainsi la pratique picturale de la nature morte et du pop art, la musique concrète, la musique répétitive, progressive, électro-industrielle et la lutherie sauvage, sans oublier bien sûr l’art de la table. Une manière pour l’artiste de jouer à nouveau avec les contextes en les donnant à voir, à écouter et à vivre autrement, dans un moment de partage convivial.

Stephane Kozik (Be)

Stephane Kozik intervenes live on his ‘Digital Breakfast’ installation in a performative form. In this sound performance, he takes us into a mix of electronic music played live with the kitchen furniture. He makes several small dishes live which he offers to the public during the performance. The utensils are amplified and produce household sounds when handled. With this unique instrumentarium Stéphane Kozik takes on the challenge of putting on a concert while cooking. The universe created by the household appliances that come to life transforms the recipe into a real sound tale, a multisensory moment enriching for the eyes, ears and taste buds.

In this unique project, Stephane Kozik does not hesitate to mix genres and disciplines: the pictorial practice of still life and pop art, concrete music, repetitive, progressive, electro-industrial music come together and new instrument making, without forgetting of course the art of the table. A way for the artist to play again with contexts by allowing them to be seen, listened to and experienced differently, in a friendly moment of sharing.



Eric Brochard (Fr)

Bassist, Éric Brochard is one of those artists who tirelessly explores his instrument, breathing life into each note. He seems to evoke buried stories through the vibrations of his double bass, which he caresses, strikes, pinches or touches to extract raw and authentic sounds.

From this interaction is born a primal, almost animal language, imbued with spontaneity and emotion. By favoring an instinctive gestural approach, versatile rhythms and melodies marked by unexpected events, Éric Brochard gives each of his performances a dimension that is both ceremonious and unpredictable, thus creating organic music in perpetual evolution.

Music that resonates like liberation.





DATABAZ is an Intermedia Art Factory, established in Angoulême in 2009 by TRAME OUEST (headed by Philippe Boisnard). It offers various artistic events and activities based on principles of autonomy, openness, and excellence. It provides both artists and a wider audience with a space for interaction, invention, freedom, and active thought.

This factory serves as a hub for creation and production in intermedia practices (inspired by Dick Higgins), or "media arts." It champions contemporary transdisciplinary and undisciplined forms of expression, at the intersection of contemporary poetry, performance, visual and sonic arts, and digital and electronic arts. Sharing, collaborations, skill exchanges, and production support help advance the work of artists through an experimental, exploratory, and research-driven approach.

DATABAZ also serves as a platform for dissemination and encounters through readings, performances, concerts, lectures, exhibitions, and workshops. It creates the Inton'action festival, focusing on performance, poetry, and sound arts.

The cross-disciplinary nature of artistic practices, breaking down disciplinary boundaries, questioning media, working within the local community, as well as engaging with the global context, are the key principles of this creative space.



  • 19 > 20.04.2024
  • Databaz
  • 100, rue du Gond, Angoulême, France
  • Free


  • Databaz
  • In partneship with European Pepinieres of Creation,Transcultures and Zone Libre