Philippe Franck will present the approach and action of European Pepinieres of Creation, an international network he also coordinates with Transcultures Europe organizing co-residencies, co-productions, co-distributions of contemporary artistic project (with a special focus on emerging artists and hybrid practices).

He will also present Transcultures, Centre of digital and sound cultures based in Belgium, a pioneer structure (since 1996) for intermedia and sound arts organizing 2 international festivals (he also founded) – City Sonic /sound arts in the city and Transnumériques / digital emergences) working both on an international and collaborative/regional level.


Lecture : Which Transcultures today and tomorrow?

What are the issues of these adventurous transcultures and collaborative approaches? What kind of bridges are built between creation and research, new practices and communities, site specific projects and urban environments…? How can art defend its singular process in the world of cultural industries which are “product oriented”?  What room is left for critical thinking? What is the role of digital technologies -and the way we use them or not- in those developments? These are some issues which will be discussed with the Lithuanian public and students.

​No Lockdown Art @ Kaunas (European Capital of Culture – 2022)

Apart from examples of prospective projects produced by Transcultures, he will  also propose a selection of artistic videos (by international artists, with a special sonic dimension but no video clips) which result from the “No Lockdown Art” initiative that Transcultures has launched with European Pepinieres at the beginning of the pandemic times to support interdisciplinary, sound, media artists.

Video selection

  • Marc Veyrat – Société i Matériel    FR    i-REAL/ Monde 4 – Alice
  • Alain Wergifosse    BE    Flux & Densités
  • Kika Nicolela    BR    Visions of inside – Common Ground Project
  • John Sanborn/Commando    USA    Prince
  • Philippe Boisnard    FR    After Covid_19
  • Glasz DeCuir    ES    Renata K in Transonic Second Life
  • Christophe Bailleau    FR/BE    77 affairs
  • Pastoral    FR/BE    Huba
  • Théo Carlino + Tommy Moucheron    BE    Membrum
  • Maja Jantar + Paradise Now PL/NL/FR  Clouds of light


  • Faculty of Arts and Education of Kaunas University of Applied Sciences
    Pramonės pr. 20, LT-50468 Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Kaunas University of Technology
    K. Donelaičio g. 73, Kaunas 44249, Lithuania


  • Transcultures, European Pepinieres of Creation.
  • Special thanks to Svetlana Batura (Kaunas Academy of Arts),   Rimgaudas Barauskis (Kaunas University of Technology) and Natan Karczmar for helping organising it.
  • Banner credits : Membrum by Théo Carlino + Tommy Moucheron