Support creative online forms

Transcultures and the European Pepinieres of Creation are launching, from April 2020, a program devoted to different modes of online creation or using digital networks.

It is mainly to disseminate through our associated international relays and to support works/initiatives/projects from all disciplines and contemporary artistic practices (visual, digital, scenic, sound, literary arts…) which have a poetic, committed, aesthetic, adventurous… quality / singularity and are the expression of a special sensitivity and an artistic look in dialogue with our mutant world.

This program can take support of different types of actions from different issues and in various ways which are mainly:

Call for projects

Several calls for projects (including No Lockdown Art # NoLA2020 for in progress or finalized projects during the confinement period) in connection with actions associated with the Creaconnections program.

Online artistic/creative research residencies

A flexible online residency for a creator or several who conceive, develop, experiment… a new artistic project during a given period (of conception corresponding to a first phase of research or production at a more finalized stage) adapted to the needs of the project and its initiator(s), with also the opportunity to have a critical or technical look at it from our team.

Distribution / visibility

Already existing online pieces are also likely to be selected, apart from specific calls for proposals, to be distributed within the international framework of our Creaconnections programs.

Commissioned works

Transcultures and European Pepinieres of Creation will also commission some artists/initiators of collaborative/connective projects to create, outside specific call for projects, online works which will be integrated into one or the other actions of the Creaconnections program.

Creaconnections News

No Lockdow Art – #NoLA2020 | Laureats

MeuFollowing the call for projects #NoLA - No Lockdown Art (Creaconnections program) launched by Transcultures and the European Pepinieres of Creation in the first days of confinement and which closed on May 15, 2020, some 125 applications were selected by the...

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Pastoral (BE/FR)- Lockdown Drift | #NoLA2020

Produced via connected exchanges during the lockdown of Spring 2020 (due to Covid-19) by the Pastoral duet, Lockdown Drift captures the expectation, the floating sensation but also the domestic reverie, the imaginary transfiguration and a form of sweet melancholy. The...

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Agora-Off – Cultural space for confined arts

In the framework of their “Creaconnections and the call for proposals/creation/distribution NoLA (No Lockdown Art)” program, the European Pepinieres of Creation are happy to support the cultural space project « AGORA-OFF », imagined and designed by the artists Antoine...

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Travel without moving – Ludovic Medery | 2020

Transcultures and its alter label Transonic support the ‘Travel without moving project‘ initiated during the lockdown period by Belgian sound artist Ludovic Medery. This will be available in several episodes monthly. As a prologue, here is the long naturalist ‘pilote”...

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Silent Noise (Video poem) – Tamara Laï (Be) | 2020

"What flavors here?" What scents now ... "Nostalgia for the days before ... Carelessness, freedom of movement, human warmth, nature ... which the Coronavirus does not block deprives us cruelly. This new video-poem by Tamara Laï whose images were filmed in various...

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