At the time of the planned landing of the new Perseverance rover on Mars, Petermfriess (DE / BE) performs an online audio-visual performance with a real-time remix of the visual material, from public sources, which will be accompanied by a creation sound, also produced at the present moment.

With S7 {New Arrival}, he continues the research initiated for his Mars Abstractions project in different variations, imagining a future universe on Mars. In our present age, a visit to our very promising neighboring planet is deeply interwoven with reflections on an alternate version of humanity.


Petermfriess has a degree in Space Technology Engineering and a PhD in Complex Social Systems. He defines and asserts himself as working in Systemic Art, and you might fancy in joining him, combining visual arts, sound, theatre, performance, media technologies and futuristic artistic possibilities.

His intention is not to change the world or to be intrusive but to communicate with those who go beyond or below the surface.