Since the launch in 2008 of Digital and Sound Emergences, a program to support art school student projects, Transcultures has developed close ties with the IDM (Image in the middle) section of the school. of the visual arts of Mons (now Arts2), and its responsible professor Jean-François Octave. Each year, several IDM students were selected following the Emergences workshops offered by Transcultures with and at Arts2 and then broadcast at the international festival of sound arts City Sonic but also in various partner events of Transcultures in Belgium and internationally.

This exhibition, which brings together works by ex Arts2 students (who have often developed an interesting professional career) and current IDM students also shows – as also does the publication Le premier jour du reste de ma vie – The first day of the rest of my life, edited by La Lettre Volée and Arts2, of which Transcultures and the European Pepinieres of Creation are also partners – in a dynamic, demanding, transhistoric and undisciplinary way – an approach that also brings together Transcultures and IDM / Arts2.

With: Samuel Coisne, Helga Dejaegher, Hell’o, Hassan Darsi, Stéphan Kozik, Thibaut Drouillon…

An EXHIBIT X 2: JFO © / Jean-François Octave + IDM dept © / Images In the context of Art School of Mons ARTS2
An EXHIBIT X 3 PLACES where IDM © brings together for the first time the BAM – Fine Arts Museum of Mons (at the Abattoirs location), the BPS22 in Charleroi (21/11/20> 04/01/21) and the MAC’s Museum of Contemporary Arts in Grand-Hornu (30 / 01/21> 28/02/21).
An EXHIBIT-LABO where the attachment changes and evolves over 3 months.
An EXHIBIT-MEETING where you can see the students at work and chat with them (Tuesdays and Thursdays except school holidays)
An EXHIBIT-FUN to see in Lichtenstein’s sequel or “What is it to be POP in 2020?”
An EXHIBIT-EVENT with an inter-domain dynamic launched by ARTS2 students at the Frigo (calendar on www.facebook.com/idm.atelier)
An EXHIBIT-BOOK and the magnificent catalog of 33 prints (+3) published in La Lettre Volée for the 33 years of JFO © & IDM ©…


  • 17.10.20 > 30.01.21
  • Anciens Abattoir – 17, rue de la Trouille 7000 Mons
  • Entrée libre
  • artsaucarre.be/idm


  • Prod exhibition Abattoirs : Arts2 in partnership with the City of Mons, Transcultures and European Pepinieres of Creation.
  • Prod catalogue : Arts2, La Lettre Volée in partenership with Transcultures and European Pepinieres of Creation.
  • artsaucarre.betranscultures.bepepinieres.eu