The first year of the ARC – Research and Creation workshops at the School of Visual Arts of Mons ARTS2 ends with a multi/pluridisciplinary exhibition with the projects of some sixty master’s students presented in the ARTS2 spaces in Mons (Carré des Arts) and Charleroi (35 Quai Rimbaud). The theme chosen for this first fruitful experience is the copy (and starting from there, the simulacrum, the plagiarism, the avatar …) which echoes technological, societal or artistic-cultural developments.

With the « Double & its real » (title which pays homage to the essay « The real and its double » by French philosopher Clément Rosset)  curated by Philippe Franck (professor at ARTS2, sound/intermedia artist and director of Transcultures) and Djos Janssens (visual artist, also professor at ARTS2), the exhibition becomes a great living and open laboratory, making it possible to present the work but also the researches of the 6 ARCs: sound creation (coordinated by Julien Poidevin and Philippe Franck),  multiple image (Nicolas Grimaud and Wendy Toussaint-Libermann), artist’s book (Didier Decoux and Drita Kotaji with Julia-Caroline Wolewinski), installation in space (Djos Janssens and Yoann Van Parys), digital art  (Jérôme Decock and Yves Bernard), multidisciplinary creation (Alain Bornain and Robin Legge).

The curators, in agreement with the ARC coordinators, have favored the various modes of exchange, dialogue, correspondence but also interferences between projects combining different disciplines and ARC modules in Mons and Charleroi. A visitor’s guidebook summarizing the challenges facing ARCs and their students will also be published.

This “demo exhibition” follows the processual approach which is also that of the ARCs, being itself considered as a “work in progress” where the projects have the possibility of evolving during an event without opening but with a performative finishing in Charleroi: from the hymn of Charleroi revisited by the duet Norbert Colson to the alienated audio baker embodied, in No pain no gain, by Marie Constant and Anton Hasler on the – pictorial – traces of Robinson Crusoe).


  • Sheima Ben Nasr (Sound creation)
  • Léa Decock (Space research)
  • Margot Delhaye (Multidisciplinary)
  • Marie Tilman (Sound creation)
  • Raphaelle Meic Ilic (Multidisciplinary)
  • Antoine Ramot (Multiple image)
  • Elena Tenero (Multidisciplinary)
  • Tatiana Héron (Multiple image)
  • Sarah Huybrechts (Media art)
  • Laetitia Van Campenhout (Multidisciplinary)
  • Jordan Natola (Multidisciplinary)
  • Maëlys Pietquin (Multidisciplinary)
  • Luc Délincé (Pluridisciplinaire)
  • Marie-Line Livornese (Pluridisciplinaire)


  • Anton Hasler (Multiple image)
  • Mehdi Fadlaoui (Space research)
  • Jessie Manica (Sound creation)


  • Ayoub Sebbar (Space research)
  • Inès Bruyère (Space research)
  • Louise Lievens (Media art)
  • Thomas Istasse (Multidisciplinary)
  • Mehdi Fadlaoui (Space research)
  • Thibaut Drouillon (Media art)
  • Inès Loez (Multiple image)
  • Coralie Mallinus (Sound creation)



  • Gladys Siddi (Multiple image)
  • Lola Folisi (Space research)
  • Madeline Van Hecke (Multiple image)
  • Florian Van de Weyer (Multidisciplinary)
  • Sarah Huybrechts (Media art)
  • Jérôme Boulanger (Multiple image)
  • Igor Adamskiy (Livre d’artiste)
  • Lamia Boughroudi (Livre d’artiste)
  • Quentin Hornez (Multiple image)
  • Brunehault Huysentruyt (Livre d’artiste)
  • Juliette Karlsson (Livre d’artiste)
  • Florian Lebrun (Livre d’artiste)
  • Ernst Neufert (Livre d’artiste)
  • Marie Lefèvre (Livre d’artiste)
  • Maxime Mabille (Livre d’artiste)
  • Mathilde Maque (Livre d’artiste)
  • Estelle Mommens (Livre d’artiste)


  • Léa Balboni (Multidisciplinary)
  • Laura Dupont (Multidisciplinary)
  • Élodie Dufrasne (Sound creation)
  • Norbert Colson (Multidisciplinary)
  • Léa Decock (Space research)
  • Ayoub Sebbar (Space research)
  • Tristan Dubois (Multiple image)
  • Mehdi Fadlaoui (Space research)
  • Laure-Anne Carrera (Multiple image)


  • Clémence Hautcoeur (Media art)


  • Ismaël Cabelo Salcedo (Sound creation)
    Aurélie Jamart (Sound creation)


  • 18.03 > 27.03.2021 | 12 > 18:00 – closed on Sunday & Monday
  • 25.03 | performances 18 > 20:00 | Charleroi
  • Charleroi -35 Quai Rimbaud
  • Mons – Carré des Arts (Galeries) – 4a rue des Soeurs Noires
  • Free – Booking : MonsCharleroi
  • curators : Philippe Franck, Djos Janssens


  • ARC – Atelier Recherche Création
  • Arts2, with the support of Transcultures and European Pepinieres of Creation
  • artsaucarre.betranscultures.be