Thiago Antonio was born in in Rio de Janeiro. His training in cinema and his interest in poetry and literature led his work towards the visual and digital arts and the creation of visual poems and videos. In his “Videolivros” series he positions himself as a character, speaking in the first person singular by inserting texts and images from his personal archives constructed on the basis of his movements.

Actor of the Brazilian underground scene for many years, Thiago is a well-experienced visual and digital artist. His abstract and sensitive approach of VJing creates a new dimension in the spaces where he performs. His visual creations create a perpetual dialogue with the music, creating a multi-sensory trip for the audience.

Title is the process of shooting a film. A search for a form of language, a hesitation via different questions in relation to representation and fiction. The freely unfolding narrative of this film presents a succession of sequences like phrases or verses that form images and words. The main character is constantly delaying the film in order to do things he enjoys, experimenting the cinema.

His installation Amphitheatrum Sapientia Hermeticum is the fruit of a research on cosmological stories and a study of scientific phenomena of the universe, which tell the origin of our creation from a mystical and fictitious point of view.

By mixing these elements with notions from alchemy, ancient astronomy, science fiction and fables, he recreates this microcosm from a mythical character of Greek-Egyptian antiquity: Hermes Trismegist, legendary character that would have brought to the Egyptian people all natural and supernatural knowledge, as well as hieroglyphic writing, or knowledge related to medicine or alchemy. He also inspired the thought of Plato, Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton.

Langage Plus | Centre SAGAMIE

Langage Plus and the Sagamie Center will work together to offer the artists a two months residency, once a year. Langage Plus provides the artists with housing and hosting, coordinates the project and supports the artist along their residency time (human, technical and material resources). The Center also takes in charge the contacts with a targeted group of the community and takes care of all the necessary to ensure the follow-up between the artists and the participants.

The Sagamie Center offers the invited artist the services of a technician skilled in numeric arts to assist him in his creation process.

The host organisation

Langage Plus is a space for current art where research and creation lead to a various range of exhibitions, residencies, events and educational activities. By hosting artists from here and elsewhere, Langage Plus allows a large regional audience to discover and experiment today’s art, thus participating to the notoriety of the city of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean on the national and international scene.

The artistic direction aims at offering a diverse range of activities linked to its orientations that are :  

  • individual and collective identity;
  • territory and its appropriation;
  • art and life, its anchorage in the community and its future;
  • current art’s purposes and development possibilities.

Langage Plus is place that keeps aware about the problematics linked to current art and alsoa creation space that stays opened to the world.