With a brand new staff under the name Pépinières Europénnes de Création, the structure reborns to develop, through a vast network of partnerships in France, Europe and abroad, programs of residency for artists, mobility, exchanges, to support (co)production and dissemination of projects… with particular attention to new hybrid talents and digital cultures. 



Pepinieres creates mobility, creation, co-production, distribution and workshops programs …



Pepinieres’ networks include artists/creators and structures in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.


Art Calls

The Pepinieres’ calls offer to artist/creators residence opportunities or opportunities to disseminate their projects.



Three main axes of partnership that can benefit of funds, equities and Pepinieres networks



21.05.2021 | Transonic Second Life Festival #2 @ Cat’s Circus

21.05.2021 | Transonic Second Life Festival #2 @ Cat’s Circus

The 2nd edition of this online micro festival is part of the “Transonic Second Life Sessions” which regularly offer concerts and audio-visual performances in various Second Life venues, bringing together around a community. sound and multimedia artists, and visitors who, in a spirit both playful and adventurous…

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Album | Persistance –  Christophe Bailleau & Friends (Be/Int)

Album | Persistance – Christophe Bailleau & Friends (Be/Int)

European Pepinieres of Creation supported the 'Persistence' release by Belgian-based French sound and visual artist Christophe Bailleau produced by IRM (French indie music magazine) . The profusion of inspirations and ideas shows along the constant sonic mutations of...

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01.2021 | LINKs Revue – Séries 5 & 6 – Marcel Proust

01.2021 | LINKs Revue – Séries 5 & 6 – Marcel Proust

​ Transdisciplinary and international review launched in October 2019, both demanding and accessible free of charge, LINKs is a beautiful stirrer of thoughts that crosses different fields of scientific investigation (from neurosciences to quantum physics, from...

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