Collaborations between Pepinieres and art schools aim to open up students to new sonic, digital & intermedia practices, through a series of workshops (at least 2 weeks/a year, depending on the possible agenda) while emphasizing cross-disciplinary disciplines and skills.

A ‘made to measure” program is developed (depending on needs, contexts and possibilities) by Pepinieres, in close collaboration with the educational partners and the associated artists, researchers, critics or curators working in these fields and conveying a singular approach in their works.

The E-mergences workshops are supervised by experienced artists of international level and the coordination of Pepinieres, which accompanies the students in the realization of digital, sound or intermedia works by introducing them to practices, technologies and tools useful to develop these new creative/innovative hybrid forms. 

The projects get, at the end of the practical workshops (which can be accompanied by a cycle of lectures-meetings in order to associate reflection/setting in context and practice/creation), a feedback of professionals and the most successful are presented in national or international events (exhibitions, festivals …) through the network of European Pepinieres of Creation and its partners, which offers other professional opportunities and additional support for the development of their work and carrier.

Program News

Keita Mori (Fr/Jp) | Langage Plus (Qc) Laureat 2021

Born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1981, and lives and works in Paris, Keita Mori realizes his drawings using a special technique which he has developed since 2011: the taut wires with a glue gun. He thus creates spaces, through accumulation and entanglement of wires:...

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Adrien Lefebvre (Fr) | Est-Nord-Est Laureat (Qc) 2020

Adrien Lefebvre live en work in Normandy where he studied at the Arts & Medias school of Caen / Cherbourg. Specialised in installation and sound performance. Adrien Lefebvre gathered two assistance for the installation and creation to continue her research....

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25 > 27.11.19 | Sonic Scapes @ City Sonic Festival (Be)

Les Pépinières européennes de Création (réseau international de soutien à la mobilité et à la diffusion des arts contemporains, des créations pratiques émergentes et intermédiatiques) et Transcultures proposent une sélection audio-vidéo d’artistes hybrides de générations et d’origines variées. Elle souligne le lien dynamique entre les dimensions visuelle et sonore d’un “paysage” (entendu comme le résultat d’une construction et d’une vision humaine et culturelle).

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Marit Mihklepp (Ee) | Lauréate Est-Nord-Est (Qc) 2019

Marit Mihklepp is an Estonian artist based in The Hague since 2013. While studying in the Netherlands she began longing for the wild landscapes of Estonia, and turned towards the other-than-human in our human bodies, the microbial wilderness that shapes human beings,...

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Baptiste César (Fr) | Laureat Est-Nord-Est (Qc) 2019

Baptiste César is a French artist, born in 1983 in Tavera (Corsica). He lives and works in Paris. Former student of Villa Arson Nice and HEAD of Geneva, his artistic practice is multiple. According to each new idea, she takes a new direction (installation, sculpture,...

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Florence Defawes (Be) | Laureat : Langage Plus (Qc) 2019

Florence Defawes, born in Liège (Belgium), sees herself more like a wanderer than an artist. She travels around the world as well as through her own life, not knowing where she is going or what she's stepping into.Drawn to the art world since she was a child, her...

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Davide Tidoni (It) | Laureat Méduse (Qc) 2019

Davide Tidoni is a researcher in the field of sound and listening. He's interested in the relational dimension of listening and the physical experience of sound. With a particular emphasis on observation, action and participation, he realizes a variety of works that...

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Cléa Darnaud (Be) | Laureate Méduse (Qc) 2019

Born in 1993, Cléa Darnaud discovered engraving at the Fine Art School in Bourges. It was during an internship at the studio of the Danish engraver Bo Halbirk in Paris that she became passionate about this technique and decided to continue her studies in Paris at the...

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Call 2018 | MAP artists residencies – Est-Nord-Est (Qc)

  CALL FOR APPLICATIONS : EST-NORD-EST CENTRE, MAP, ARTIST RESIDENCIES, SAINT-JEAN-PORT-JOLI, QUÉBEC, DEADLINE : DECEMBER 01, 2018 As part of their mobility program, the Creative European Pepinieres and Est-Nord-Est Centre are launching a call for applications...

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Call 2018 | MAP artists residency – Langage Plus (Qc)

  CALL FOR APPLICATIONS : LANGAGE PLUS, MAP, ARTIST RESIDENCIES, ALMA, QUÉBEC, DEADLINE : DECEMBER 1st, 2018 In the Framework of the Map mobility programme, Pépinières européennes de Création and Langage Plus launch a call for applications for a 2 months...

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