Transcultures and its partners support the “Cognitive Itch” project, led by the Ouros association and which aims to highlight sound arts, current noise and experimental music, while remaining particularly attentive to artistic emergence and therefore to young creators in this cross-border territory (Haut-de-France/Wallonia). This project will extend over the years 2023 and 2024 and will give rise to residencies periods and events.

For this first working period of around ten days, which will take place at “Seasons Zéro”, several sound artists responded. An open workshop (by invitation) will take place during this residency.

Clairière (Fr, Roubaix)

Experimental dungeon synth

"Clairière" is a solo dungeon synth project.

Live, using machines, guitar, amplified objects, and vocals, she creates experimental electronic music with a dark and organic atmosphere inspired by ritualistic ambiance and heroic fantasy.


Alex Didier (Fr, Marseille)

Ambient noise

Alex Didier is interested in a certain vibration of the world, a substance that he sometimes renders audible even in silence. He began by exploring sound art with vocal recordings, then attempted to tame the Larsen effect and random vinyl playback in live improvisations.

Multidisciplinary in approach, his installations, sculptures, photographs, and videos convey a presentational aspect of noise. A poetry that allows time to evolve in space. Space in an infinite present, a sensitive immersion in a dimension of existence. Alex Didier perceives in a minute way what envelops him, with sound, light, and movement serving as support, materiality, and basic vocabulary.

The objects and mediums he uses become the subject of a play of decomposition and recomposition within an aesthetic between minimalism and operational technique. The development of devices is part of his research process as well as its outcome.

Thomas Moësl (Fr, Armentières)

Drone music

Visual and sound artist, Thomas Moësl develops a project that constantly leads us from one sound world to another, disregarding the cultural boundaries more or less imposed on our consciousness. It's not just about listening; it's about traveling.

If one is attentive, they will recognize the two passions of the young creator: one verging on the mystique of the Creation of the world, and the other allowing the science to unfold, then assuming its share of wonder. For the secret that Thomas Moësl delivers here is undoubtedly akin to what Stephen Hawking or Lionel Salem expressed following the great Bachelard: at the very beginning of spheres, the embryo of life is born. Mathematics and miracles are intertwined, the gaseous nebula predisposes worlds to let existence unfold.


Radiation (Fr, Besançon)

Phantom music

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Victor Villafagne (Fr, Roubaix)

Phantom music

Victor Villafagne is a sound artist primarily working in live improvised performance. Operating on a modular synthesizer, he delves into sound creation by sculpting the electricity and energy coursing through the machine. To him, sound is a "tactile" mental weapon of influence: sounds alter and disrupt our perception, deeply touching us and affecting our relationship with the world. Trained as a visual artist, music serves as a means for him to settle scores with sculpture.

His project, "The Walking Ghost Phase," a specifically prepared improvisation for each concert, invites a dialogue between the instrument, the artist, the space, and the audience for a unique and unpredictable sonic exploration. "The Walking Ghost Phase" is the term given to the imperceptible state of a person exposed to a lethal dose of radiation but with none of the symptoms currently visible.

Ouros (Fr)

Ouros is an association whose vocation is to inhabit places through art.

Let it mingle with spaces, surely vacant, often on loan, sometimes awaiting destruction or rehabilitation. We propose ephemeral, wandering exhibitions, as well as sound events.

The idea is to bring these vacant spaces to life for the duration of a project, and to spread art and culture to as many people as possible. Ouros is also an exhibition curator's job, to ensure the best possible link between the site and the works.

This association is co-initiated by Thomas Moësl, visual and sound artist and Leslie Lesaffre, creator of Primaire ceramic, a ceramic sales platform. It was born following a common desire to disseminate emerging creation through cross-border events and exhibitions. By making them inhabit places through art.



  • Transcultures, European Pepinieres of Creation
  • In the framework of City Sonic 20 Years
  • All our thanks to the Saisons Zéro project.