This sound and digital arts residency by Jonathan Juste – 2023 European Creation Nurseries for Transcultures/Wallonia-Brussels Federation laureate – will firstly aim to give the artist time to enable him to finalize the “PPP XR Bury project” produced by the i Material group which will be presented at the end of April in La Louvière.

Then, he will look at several projects proposed by the art2.network collective which revolve around data visualization or the creation of a multi-screen matrix. Depending on affinities and development, one or the other projects will be favored.

Jonathan Juste (Ch/Fr)

Jonathan Juste is a Franco-Swiss freelance digital designer and creator, born in the Alps and based in France. He pursued his academic studies at the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc, where he obtained a Master's degree in Interactive Writing and Interaction Design.

As a developer, graphic designer, and educator, his transdisciplinary practice spans various media. From still and moving images to digital and interactive design, he uses programming as a tool for creating visual and sonic experiences.

He supports artists in the realization of their digital projects, notably immersive works in augmented and virtual reality. He is interested in questions of space, time, body, and data, which he explores and questions through his creations.

He works in partnership with several research laboratories, such as the LLSETI laboratory at the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc or the Paragraphe laboratory at Paris 8, and thus participates in exchanges and collaborations between artistic and academic communities.

In 2017, he founded pixelpirate, a digital design and development company.