The chimes form concentric spaces in many cities, in the north of France as in Belgium. These spaces, at the same time social, spiritual, musical, community, provided so many subjects of study and sources of inspiration for the young artists of this GMLR session.

We explored our cross-border territory in a traveling workshop, discovered these instruments, the women and men who play them, who value and preserve them. Like every year, the students offer pieces in various media: performances, installations, digital creations… with an emphasis, logically, on musical composition.

The GMLR or twin studio is the cross-border sound studio common to the ARTS2 schools of Mons (Belgium) and the ESÄ Dunkerque-Tourcoing, site of Tourcoing (France). Like every year, following workshops (including the last in Tourcoing Art School during the week of January 30 after the first in Mons at the end of 2022), the GMLR offers an intermedia exhibition which combines the research and work of a dozen students from both institutions.

This new edition of Studio GMLR worked this year on campanary art (chimes, bells, etc.). The first week of this workshop was devoted to research and visits. A big thank you to the managers of the museums and carillons of Mons and Tourcoing, the carillonneurs and the students who participated in the workshop.

Participating artist-students : Nouheila Belazar ; Jafrey Cordeboeuf ; Marion Denis ; Oscar Descamps ; Séphora Duez ; Tracy Galiby ; Margaux Joris ; Natacha Pope ; Adrien Sassier ; Célestine Schmitt ; Hui Xiao

Coordination : Julien Poidevin et Silvain Vanot
photos : Marion Denis, Janitta Pel, Clair Chen, SV.


  • 08.02 > 14.02.2024 | Opening 08.02 > 18:00
  • 09 > 14.02.2024 | 14>18h
  • Site des Anciens Abattoirs de Mons | Le Frigo
  • 17 rue de la Trouille, 7000 Mons – Belgique
  • Free entrance
  • artsaucarre.beesa-n.infostudiogmlr.fr


  • Arts2, ESÄ Tourcoing
  • Museum center of the City of Mons, The Belfry of Mons, the Local History Center of Tourcoing, Transcultures: Center for Digital and Sound Cultures and European Pepinieres of Creation.