Studio Gémellaire (GMLR) was born from the merger of two sound creation workshops: that of ARTS2, in Mons in Belgium, and that of Esä Dunkerque-Tourcoing, in France. For two weeks, Belgian and French students will work together to prepare a collective exhibition in the form of 2 workshops (one in France, one in Belgium), coordinated by the artists/teachers Silvain Vanot and Julien Poidevin.

In the 18th century, European travelers were surprised by the apparent disorder that reigned in the gardens of the Far East, far removed from the aesthetics of French gardens. Their hosts spoke of “Sharawadji”; the term was then translated by “gracious disorder”. The word reappears as it is at the end of the 20th century in the sound field to describe an effect when harmony arises where it is not expected. This surprise can occur in various contexts: everyday life, science, urban areas, communication… for those who want to listen outside the box.

In a variety of devices, these 2 workshops will be used to explore the theme of these spurts of paradoxical and always surprising beauty, in order to produce installations and sound devices for the collective exhibition which will be held from 03 > 10 .02.2022 at the Carré des Arts in Mons.


  • 24 > 28.2022 – Esä Dunkerque-Tourcoing
  • 5 bis rue de l’Esplanade – 59140 Dunkerque France
  • 31.01 > 03.02.2022 – ARTS2
  • 4a rue des Sœurs Noires – 7000 Mons Belgique