In the Framework of the Map mobility programme, Pépinières européennes de Création and Langage Plus (+ its partner the Sagamie Center) launch a call for applications for a 2 months residency, from January 27 to March 27, 2021.

Amount of the scholarship attributed to the selected artist

The Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec offers a grant of 2 000$/month for a maximum total of 4 000$.

Deadline : October 18, 2020









Demystifying contemporary art by building bridges between creation and human dialogue is a strategy aiming to broaden the public’s sensitivity to art. The artistic residency will be inspired by art and life, will be rooted in the community and its development and will develop through observation and collaboration, in communion with a group from Alma’s local or regional community. The experience will be both sensitive and instructive, will bring together different perspectives, its approach will be unique and its results  varied.

We  seek  to  democratise  art  by  progressive  development  of closer  bonds between the artist and the urban or rural communities in order to fulfill the objective of trying to integrate art into daily life, so that it may become a creative force in localities that are far away from the large metropolis. The project may be distributed  by  Langage  Plus  as  a  fitting  response  to  the  intercultural  challenge  and  a celebration uniting varied cultures.

Fields of expression proposed for the residency

  • Visual arts
  • Trandisciplinarity

Period of the résidence

  • From January 27 to March 27, 2021

The conditions offered

  • The Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec offers a grant of 2 000$/month for a maximum total of 4 000$ for the residence.
  • A professional context of excellence (see below)
  • The artist may submit additional funding applications, in which case he/she must do so independently;

*Langage Plus does not cover travel expenses, but undertakes to send you a letter of invitation that will eventually help you find, on your own additional help for your air tickets.


The artists are hosted outside the premises of Langage Plus, close to services and about a 15-minute walk from Langage Plus and downtown Alma.

Material resource made availableto the artist

The  artist  will  dispose  over  a  creation  studio,  a  Mac  computer  with  image  manipulationsoftware’s  (Photoshop,  Illustrator,  Final  Cut  Pro),  an  access  to  common  spaces(documentation  center,  conference  room,  kitchen,  etc.),  carpentry  equipment,  audiovisual equipment, a technician skilled in numeric arts…

Meansused to promote the artist’s work

Langage Plus offers the invited artist the possibility to exhibit its final work at the end of his stay in the project room of the center in the form of a solo exhibition, promoted with posters, invitation card and PR communication by press release. As the exhibition is part of the annual programming  of  the  Centre,  it  will  also  be  diffused  on  the  Québec  self-managed  artists centre’s website (RCAAQ).


  • Deadline : 18.10.2020
  • Number of laureate : 1
  • period of residence : 2 monthes

Eligible applicants

The call is aimed primarily at emerging professional artists (the emerging artist concept is left to the discretion of the jury, which will be based primarily on the artist’s career more than on his age). The artist must / should :

  • Hold a citizenship other than Canadian.
  • Have completed his studies and develop a professional artistic practice
  • Must imperatively stay in Alma for the duration of the residence (without family);
  • Not have other professional obligations for the duration of the residency.

Langage Plus and the Sagamie Center will work together to offer the artists a two months residency, once a year. Langage Plus provides the artists with housing and hosting, coordinates the project and supports the artist along their residency time (human, technical and material resources). The Center also takes in charge the contacts with a targeted group of the community and takes care of all the necessary to ensure the follow-up between the artists and the participants.

The Sagamie Center offers the invited artist the services of a technician skilled in numeric arts to assist him in his creation process.

The host organisation

Langage Plus is a space for current art where research and creation lead to a various range of exhibitions, residencies, events and educational activities. By hosting artists from here and elsewhere, Langage Plus allows a large regional audience to discover and experiment today’s art, thus participating to the notoriety of the city of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean on the national and international scene.

The artistic direction aims at offering a diverse range of activities linked to its orientations that are :

  • individual and collective identity;
  • territory and its appropriation;
  • art and life, its anchorage in the community and its future;
  • current art’s purposes and development possibilities.

Langage Plus is place that keeps aware about the problematics linked to current art and alsoa creation space that stays opened to the world.

The territory

The City of Alma covers a superficy of 202 Km2, with 15% as urbanized territory. The city has 30 463 inhabitants. The presence of a heavy industry ensures the economy while small and middle-sized firms contribute to the current development of the city. We want to highlight the fact that the center-city of Alma plays an important role in local dynamism and this thanks to the efforts of the local community. A large part of the territory is covered by crops that also contribute to the economic development of the city. Finally, from a geographic point of view, Alma shares a border with the Saint-Jean Lake and crossed by two rivers, the Petite Décharge and the Grande Décharge – big and small relief, that form the Saguenay river at their junction. Generally, the territory of Alma is marked by many geographic accidents like accidented reliefs, deep ravines, rock outcrops. However, although these strains can be considered as obstacles on physical or economical point of view, they contribute to give a very  particular  urban  landscape,  by  its  proximity  to  beautiful  natural  sites  that  ignore monotony. At a cultural level, the region of Saguenay-LacSt-Jean offers a wide range of activities  and  events  in  current  art  and  constitutes  a  privileged  place  for  artistic experimentation. This is partly due to the presence of numerous pedagogical institutions from secondary  to  university.  Four  Art  centers  are  present  on  the  territory,  as  well  as  three organisms providing workshops and specialized tools (carpentry, cinema production etc.), positioning the region as the 3 rd  in terms of cultural poles after the cities of Québec and Montréal.


Your application files

  • an updated Curriculum Vitae
  • an artistic statement
  • a detailed description of the residency project (2000 words max.);
  • support material (± 20 images of several recent works with description;)
  • a list of Web links (video, sound, online projects… (Vimeo, YouTube… ) with password if applicable. Ensure videos will be accessible until 31.01.2021)

Submit your files

  • To answer the call, please upload your compressed folder (format .rar .zip etc. – maximum 500 MB) via the UPLOAD BOX
  • The uploaded folder will be named as follows: PEC_LP2020_LastName_FirstName
  • Wait for the complete upload of your file before closing/refreshing the page. NB. there is no confirmation email, if you have received confirmation from the Upload Box, everything is ok.
  • If you need more info (but please read carefully the call)
    • Jacques Urbanska (urbanskaj@hotmail.com)
    • Subject (IMPORTANT): LP2020 PEC CALL

*To be validated, your application must be submitted on October 18th, 2020, midnight (Paris time).
** No file sent by mail, email, incomplete or received after the deadline will be accepted.

Jury and selection

Your application will be examined by our partner during the month following the closing of the call. If you don’t have news from Pépinières at the end of November, consider your application as non selected by the jury. The laureate will be announced on our website (you can check here pepinieres.eu/en/laureat) and social networks. Don’t hesitate to submit a new candidature for other Pépinières calls.

You are ready, you have the different elements of your folder, you have compressed it (zip, rar etc …) and well named. Upload it by clicking here


  • Deadline : 18.10.2020
  • If, for some reason beyond our control related to the Covid-19 health crisis, Langage Plus was unable to accommodate the selected artist, his residency would be postponed until the following year.
  • langageplus.comsagamie.compepinieres.eu


  • This international residency program is made possible with the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) and the partnership of Langage Plus, the Sagamie Centre and the Pepinieres Europeennes de Creation.
  • The (CALQ) assumes the role of national coordinator for the Pepinieres europeennes de Creation.
    National Coordinator: Diane Isabelle, Program Officer, Direction of the support to the diffusion and the international radiation.