A Limb (Didié Nietzsche solo project – BE) is a kind of artistic Frankenstein, exhuming all sorts of music corpses from their graves, stitching an ambient body with funk legs, punk feet, experimental arms, jazz hands, a drone head, inserting a big ethnic music heart and krautrock lungs… then bathing the whole “body” into a dub effects bath, until an electro thunderbolt strikes it and it’s… alive! Hmm.. sometimes science goes too far, but it’s too late to back-pedal…

A Limb also enjoys experimenting on his/her own skin, changing regularly into a mutant monkey, a mirror ball, bunny dancer, a lizard alien… A Limb plays regularly at Cat’s Circus, Burn 2 (official virtual version of the Burning Man) and for several special events, and is often accompanied by SaveMe Oh’s (PB) for the visual performance.

This live Transonic Second life session – pandemic Christmas 2020 connected gift – also features Renata Kambarova (aka Renata K – playing the flute in Radio Prague – UZ), Jules Nerbard (aka Martyn Bates II – co-founder of Radio Prague – BE) all filmed by visual artist Glasz DeCuir (ES).