Produced via connected exchanges during the lockdown of Spring 2020 (due to Covid-19) by the Pastoral duet, Lockdown Drift captures the expectation, the floating sensation but also the domestic reverie, the imaginary transfiguration and a form of sweet melancholy. The images and sounds that dialogue between the residences (both in Wallonia-Belgium) of the protagonists (Huy for Christophe Bailleau and Mons for Philippe Franck) all come from the interior spaces and their close surroundings. An invitation to cherish the living in these different forms (human, animal, mineral, celestial …) and its power-hope of creative metamorphosis.

With the Pastoral project, initiated in 2010, Christophe Bailleau (audio-visual creator) and Philippe Franck (sound and intermedia artist) cross their worlds to compose landscape pieces, freely oscillating between electro/ambient, post-folk and post-rock, working as much on the sound materials, often celestial and sometimes more earthy, as on the impressionistic melodies. Pastoral’s performances are sometimes accompanied by videos that dialogue with soundscapes and haiku texts. In 2019, Pastoral released on the Transonic label its first hybrid album called ‘L’échappée belle’ mixing photos, poetic fragments and abstract soundtracks.