With a brand new staff under the name Pépinières Europénnes de Création, the structure reborns to develop, through a vast network of partnerships in France, Europe and abroad, programs of residency for artists, mobility, exchanges, to support (co)production and dissemination of projects… with particular attention to new hybrid talents and digital cultures. 



Pepinieres creates mobility, creation, co-production, distribution and workshops programs …



Pepinieres’ networks include artists/creators and structures in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.


Art Calls

The Pepinieres’ calls offer to artist/creators residence opportunities or opportunities to disseminate their projects.



Three main axes of partnership that can benefit of funds, equities and Pepinieres networks




Valkiri (Fr) | Laureat Transcultures (BE) 2019

Architect by training and multimedia fiddler, Valkiri (Lille) focuses his research on a hybridization between the technologies of yesterday and the ones of today. From any type of media – old or young – he develops devices designed to root in a place and make it...

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IN-DIALOG (Fr) | Château Éphémère (FR) Laureat 2019

With in-house team of developers and designers In-Dialog take on research project that have an artistic direction while using state of the art technology. Mostly made for art festivals, gallery and museums this experiments allows to the collective to have playground...

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Elsa Abderhamani (Fr) | Lauréate Tournefou (Fr) 2019

Elsa Abderhamani studied visual communication at ESAA Duperré, then followed a philosophy course at the University of Paris 10, and arts at the National School of Arts of Paris-Cergy. She is pursuing research in video, drawing and photography. Since 2012, she has been...

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Arianna Sanesi (It) | Laureat Tournefou (Fr) 2019

Arianna  Sanesi is an italian photographer currently based in Paris. After getting a Master's Degree in History of Photography at Bologna University, she attends CFP Bauer in Milan and works for a long time as an assistant for Ferdinando Scianna, italian Magnum...

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Marit Mihklepp (Ee) | Lauréate Est-Nord-Est (Qc) 2019

Marit Mihklepp is an Estonian artist based in The Hague since 2013. While studying in the Netherlands she began longing for the wild landscapes of Estonia, and turned towards the other-than-human in our human bodies, the microbial wilderness that shapes human beings,...

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Baptiste César (Fr) | Laureat Est-Nord-Est (Qc) 2019

Baptiste César is a French artist, born in 1983 in Tavera (Corsica). He lives and works in Paris. Former student of Villa Arson Nice and HEAD of Geneva, his artistic practice is multiple. According to each new idea, she takes a new direction (installation, sculpture,...

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Florence Defawes (Be) | Laureat : Langage Plus (Qc) 2019

Florence Defawes, born in Liège (Belgium), sees herself more like a wanderer than an artist. She travels around the world as well as through her own life, not knowing where she is going or what she's stepping into.Drawn to the art world since she was a child, her...

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La couverture (mélomane) par Christophe Bailleau

From a piece evoking, with a Spring accent, the North American minimalism (Melomane) from his new album ‘Firebird’ released by Transonic (in connection with the eponymous poetic notebook), Christophe Bailleau made a video (in the framework of a residency hosted by the...

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Bela Timi by Alex Boca (music Paradise Now)

Following the workshop and collective exhibition ‘The Secondary Sonic Space’ initiated in October 2018 by the association Simultan and Timisoara, European Capital of Culture in 2021 in partnership with Transcultures and Pépinières de Création, Transcultures Belgium...

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Davide Tidoni (It) | Laureat Méduse (Qc) 2019

Davide Tidoni is a researcher in the field of sound and listening. He's interested in the relational dimension of listening and the physical experience of sound. With a particular emphasis on observation, action and participation, he realizes a variety of works that...

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Cléa Darnaud (Be) | Laureate Méduse (Qc) 2019

Born in 1993, Cléa Darnaud discovered engraving at the Fine Art School in Bourges. It was during an internship at the studio of the Danish engraver Bo Halbirk in Paris that she became passionate about this technique and decided to continue her studies in Paris at the...

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