Dar Zero was born, in 2022, in Tangier, during a meeting between sonic and intermedia creators Philippe Franck (Wallonia) and Tommy Lawson (Corsica) as part of an artistic journey in the white city still haunted by ghosts of the great Beat authors and rebels against conformism (from William Burroughs to Jean Genet).

For the nomadic duo, it is about inventing a welcoming and mobile house (Dar in Arabic), imaginary but also real, populated by poetic flows listening to the world (both its tribulations and its illuminations) and the soul of its inhabitants.

Driven by the desire to mix their worlds and their desires through their wanderings and encounters, Dar 1 (Philippe) and Dar 2 (Tommy) construct an open hybrid work, always in progress, to let the “Third Mind” express itself. » (Burroughs/Gysin).

Based on a contextual approach (integration of sounds and images captured at the host location), their traveling pieces are short films for the ears combining electronic, guitar and vocal treatments.

Here the attention/inspiration focuses on the relationship with the Other/Us in its singularity and plurality, with environmental perception and with the sensitive spark.

This performance of Dar Zero will be their first after a creative residency at Databaz, in collaboration with Philippe Boisnard (programming, visual processing).

Paradise Now (Fr/Be)

Intermedia producer and creator based in Belgium, Philippe Franck has developed since the 90s the Paradise Now project which favors an actively transversal and collaborative approach. He favors a sensitive and cinematic approach that embraces different influences and fields (electronics, sound art, post-rock, post-pop, improvised music …).

He has worked closely with various videographers (Régis Cotentin, Hanzel & Gretzel), poets (Ira Cohen, Gerard Malanga, Catrine Godin, Biba Sheikh, Werner Moron in Les ours bipolaires, Eric Therer for the project & Stuff), choreographers (Nadine Ganase , Manon Oligny, Karine Ledoyen), digital artists (Philippe Boisnard, Franck Soudan, Jacques Urbanska, Thomas Israël) and other adventurous audio creators (recently Christophe Bailleau within the duo Pastoral, Gauthier Keyaerts in Supernova, Stephan Dunkelman, Maurice Charles JJ, A Limb).

Since 2005, he has also collaborated with holistic performer / masseuse Isa Belle for a series of installations and “sound” performances shown in numerous festivals, cultural centers and international events. He has also produced and participated in several records on various independent labels (Sub Rosa, Optical Sound, Transonic…). In 2022, he began a doctoral thesis in Information and Communication Sciences (Cognition, language, interaction) at the University of Paris 8 (CiTu Paragrahe), under the dual supervision of Khaldoun Zreik (Paris8) and Marc Veyrat (University of Savoie Mont Blanc).

Tommy Lawson (Tg/Fr)

Sound artist, sound designer, digital art performer, Tommy is also a producer and curator of events for the promotion of electronic music. He develops projects combining electronic and electroacoustic music. Deeply attached to the idea of transversality between the arts, he produces numerous music/sound pieces and soundtracks interacting with visual/video arts and contemporary dance.

He develops in collaboration with Armand Lesecq tools for digital audio creations and computer lutherie in the field of sound spatialization. He regularly carries out geolocated sound walks towards the public in order to allow them to live an augmented sound experience in connection with the intangible heritage of a territory. He is at the initiative of the first video mapping carried out in Corsica with the Tunisian collective Design Lab on the occasion of the reopening of the Bastia museum in 2009 of a series of video mapping as part of the European Heritage Days.

In 2008, he created Zone Libre, a  structure dedicated to creation, production and distribution through which he has organized the eponymous Festival of Sound Arts since 2019, between art, science and new technologies. This event of support for creation emphasizes the development of transdisciplinary and hypermedia experiences in the field of sound and visual arts.

In 2022, he released his first album Bega [Sonic Scapes], on the Transonic label.



  • 13 > 19.04.2024
  • Databaz
  • 100, rue du Gond, Angoulême, France


  • A Databaz production
  • In partnership with Transcultures, European Pepinieres of Creation and Zone Libre.