In partnership with the European Pepinieres of Creation, IONNYK is launching its first call for participation aimed at contemporary visual artists around photographic art, digital black & white.


  • € 1500 to be divided between three laureats
  • The opportunity, without limit of winners, to join the IONNYK artists catalog allowing artists to generate income.

3 deadlines : 15.11.2020 | 01.12.2020 | 15.12.2020








IONNYK is the world’s first connected and wireless digital art frame developed on electronic paper technology (patented). It is a new medium of art, culture and design, at the service of artists and their works. IONNYK is associated with a whole new ecosystem bringing together a community of artists to offer their works through a subscription or in limited edition Black & White digital format to our Art and Design enthusiast clients.

IONNYK responds to a hitherto unmet market need, namely an innovative connected and digital art framework emphasizing Art and Design and not technology as such.

This call is for contemporary photographic and digital artists. As the IONNYK catalog is varied, participants have the opportunity to offer any form of Black & White Art, static or Smart Art, a new way for artists to express themselves.

Fields of expression
  • Photographic art (digital, black and white);
  • Any digital Black & White art form (static or “Smart Art” types – see below).
Grants & conditions offered
  • € 500 for the work that will be judged winning the first prize of phase 1 (15.11.2020)
  • € 500 for the work that will be judged winning the first prize of phase 2 (30.11.2020)
  • € 500 for the work that will be judged winning the first prize of phase 3 (15.12.2020)
  • The laureat, as well as any candidate selected by IONNYK, will have the opportunity to join the IONNYK artist catalog allowing artists to generate income (from December 2021).
Eligible applicants

Any contemporary artist without restriction.

The aim of this call

Artists joining the IONNYL Discovery catalog : They will join a community/collective and will have the opportunity over time to grow in the catalog to join the most recognized artists in the “Private Collection” catalog. These artists will have the opportunity to generate revenue based on a displaying ratio of their work by our customers and on a specific timeframe. The Discovery catalog is made for growing and promising artists, with no official recognition on the art market yet. The objective is to make IONNYK the benchmark brand in the innovation of contemporary photographic visual art and to create an exclusive qualitative artistic community.

For more information on IONNYK, please see the explanatory brochures attached to this call.

Prize-winning artworks

Without any limit and in a subjective way, several works will be selected as being “laureats” of this call for projects, with the opportunity to join the IONNYK Discovery catalog.  The IONNYL customers will be able to display these artwork on their IONNYK frame.s in view of a monthly subscription (1st year will be free for the customers. The artists will start to generate income based on a display ratio calculation when paid subscriptions will start around December 2021)

In addition to joining the IONNYK Discovery catalog, 3 laureats artists will receive a reward. The total amount of the endowments will be 1500 euros and will be distributed by the jury of the call for projects during its deliberation.

NB: IONNYK is a medium with its own technical and rendering characteristics, not all works will automatically have a qualitative rendering. 

Eligibility criteria
  • To install its brand in the hearts of art and design enthusiasts, IONNYK wish to propose high diversity artworks on its platform. You are free to suggest existing black & white works or works that you will create specifically for this call for projects. Please also note, however, that you will need to provide to IONNYK with certain rights in order to enable them to propose your work to their customer and communicate about it. This part will be covered if your work is selected to join IONNYK.
  • Regarding the expected works, it is important to understand : at this stage, IONNYK will only offer photographic works (or static art – no video), in Black & White. The quality and high definition of the base file is essential for optimal rendering of your work on IONNYK. Both for static works and for “Smart Art”, it is therefore important that you only offer this high resolution type of format and characteristics.
  • Any file with a too low definition will automatically be discarded. The  importance of ensuring that the transmitted files have a very high resolutio. For more details, see the chapter dedicated to the technical prerequisites located on page 16 “Technical submission criteria” of our brochure.
  • IONNYK is an art picture platform, not a corporate or advertising one. Please consider this when you choose the works you’ll send. In general, any work advocating violence, encouraging racism and xenophobia as well as works of a pornographic nature will be refused.
Technical criteria of the artworks

As IONNYK is a new medium of expression, you should be aware that it has its advantages, but also its limitations. Please take the following into account when creating your artwork:

  • Works with high contrasts have a better rendering (avoid sets of white alone or black alone and subtle)
  • Whites are never completely white and blacks are never completely black.
  • A low resolution photo will not look good. Provide files in the highest possible resolutions without limits.
  • We strongly recommend that you enable dual pixel raw when taking your photos.
  • For IONNYK large frame: Aspect ratio 16:9 and native resolution greater than or equal to 2560×1440 pixels
  • For IONNYK small frame: Format 4:3 and native resolution greater than or equal to 1600×1200 pixels
Selection methods

The IONNYK jury will meet continuously in order to carry out analyzes and deliberations. All the artists selected to join the IONNYK Discovery catalog will be contacted by email and/or phone in order to inform them of the decision and in order to put in place the contractual procedures. Be already aware that contracts are standardized and identical to the entire Discovery catalog artistic community and therefore do not allow modifications on a case-by-case basis (except for the identification of works to which these contracts relate, as well as the identification of the artist).

The public announcement of the winners will be made by email to all participants and on the Pepinieres Website on December 2020.

Contractual terms and copyright
  • During the call for projects, it is very possible that commercial contracts and assignments of rights will be discussed with artists who are already considered eligible to join the IONNYK catalogs without meaning that these contacted artists will be the laureats of the rewards ;
  • Contractual terms resulting from your participation in this call for projects will cover all the rights aspects giving us the opportunity to diffuse your work to our customers and to the public, including how you will be remunerated at the moment the Discovery catalog will generate revenue to IONNYK (around December 2021) ;
  • By participating in this call for projects, you guarantee that the proposed works are not the subject of other exclusivities or contractual obligations towards another third party with whom you have already signed an agreement.

In any case :

  • If you’re not selected ;
  • if you decide after consideration to not join IONNYK, even if we mentioned our willingness to work with you ;
  • if you are selected, but some works you sent us are not joining the Discovery catalog ;

please be assured that all the work you provided that is not covered by a contract between you and IONNYK will be destroyed and won’t be use by IONNYK in any kind.

Protection of private life
  • The processing of the data of the users of this call is carried out in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of these data (RGPD) and the Belgian legislation in force.
  • In your application, IONNYK collect your contact details (surname, first name, email address, phone number, metadata) only in order to:
    • Examine your application ;
    • Contact you if you have been selected for this call ;
    • Keep you informed and send you emails to provide you with information relating to calls for projects and news from the IONNYK project.
How to participate (how to apply)

There is 3 calls, each of them is closing every 15 days :

  • The closing date of the 1st call: 15th November 2020.
  • The closing date of the 2nd call: 30th November 2020.
  • The closing date of the 3rd call: 15th December 2020.

Vous pouvez envoyer des œuvres d’art statiques et / ou Smart Art (maximum 10 propositions par artiste).

  • Envoyez tout votre travail uniquement via notre formulaire où nous vous demandons d’utiliser un outil de compression de fichiers avant de télécharger votre travail. Si vous ne savez pas comment utiliser la technologie de compression de fichiers, veuillez soumettre vos œuvres d’art comme vous le pouvez. Aucune candidature par mail ne sera valide.
  • Méta données : veuillez si possible remplir un maximum de métadonnées pour chaque fichier (plus d’info )
  • Veuillez vous référer à la brochure attachée à cet appel à projet, afin de bien cerner les caractéristiques et limitations techniques actuelles de IONNYK.

You can send static and / or “Smart Art” artworks (max 10 proposals per artist).

  • Send all of your work only through this form, where we ask you to use a file compressor tool before uploading your work. If you don’t know how to use file compression technology, please submit your artworks as you can.
  • Metadata: please fill in a maximum of metadata for each file (More info).
  • Please read the explanatory brochures attached to this call.
Static Photographs submission (single photo not “Smart Art”)

A visual work (photography, photomontage, drawings, collage… natively digital) “static” (normal photography) in Black & White digital format.

  • one visual per work (if several works submitted – max of 10 works/submission)
  • Name each file in the following format: Photo#_name firstname_Title of work_year of production;


  • Photo1_Doe John_Pont Suspendu_2017
  • Photo2_Doe John_Envol_2020
 “Smart Art” submission

A visual work (photography, photomontage, drawings, collage… natively digital) composed of a series of “static” visuals in black and white digital format which, displayed one after the other, creates a “non-static” work called “Smart Art” in the IONNYK universe. More info about what a smart art is can be found in the brochure dedicated to it. Read carefully the technical restrictions.

  • A series of visuals per work (if several works submitted – max of 10 works/submission).
  • Please, read the “Smart Art” Brochure ;
  • Name each file according to the following format : SmartArt#_chronologiqueduSmartArt_yourname yourfirstname_Title of the work_year of production;


  • SmartArt1_1_Doe John_Pont Suspendu_2017;
  • SmartArt1_2_Doe John_Pont Suspendu_2017;
  • SmartArt1_3_Doe John_Pont Suspendu_2017.
Multiple submissions

If you submit several projects, static photographs and/or smart arts, please send all of your works and documents in a single folder according to the following file tree:

      • > NAME OF THE PROJECT(s)
        • > your_files
      • > NAME OF THE PROJECT(s)
        • > your_files