« Les Ateliers de l’Universel », in partnership with “European Pepinieres de Creation”, is launching an international call for projects aimed for contemporary visual artists and focusing on the concept of the “Universal”, with 15,000 Euros to be divided between the laureats.

Dealine : 15th June 2019. 01st July 2019 (extended)








This international call for proposals targeting contemporary visual artists, with the aim of highlighting one or more artworks that would symbolize both a richness of diversity and demonstrate an “attachment to universal values”.

The purpose of this call for proposals is:

  • to select a work that will become the emblem to represent the association and which will also represent its values;
  • to select one or more works to exhibit at the “Universal” event in November 2019, at the Musée de l’Homme, in Paris, initiated and produced by “Les Ateliers de l’Universel”.

Laureates & Endowment

Between one and three works will be selected as winning pieces from this open call for proposals. The artwork which wins first prize, will be selected to become one emblem of the association itself, and will be ceded to the association “Ateliers de l’Universel”, upon winning.

The author(s) of the laureate artworks will each receive an endowment. The total amount of the endowment will be 15,000 Euros and will be distributed by the jury, during the deliberation process. The laureate of the first prize will receive at least 10,000 euros.

Fields of expression

The visual arts and art practices culminating into aesthetic or poetic representation, through form, volume, and prioritizing painting, sculpture, photography, and installations…

Application process and other requirements

The closing date of the call: 15th June 2019 01st July 2019 (extended)
All information to participate in this call for projects can be found here below within the following regulations.

Context of the call

“Les Ateliers de l’Universel” is an initiative launched by partners and actors working in relation to the “ExpoFrance” association, following the end of France’s candidacy project for the “2025 World Exhibition”, by the government in 2018. The aim is to open debates on the ‘values of universality’ and make proposals about the mobilization of the major universal and contemporary issues to reinvent a model of World Expo, that can be adapted to the values and challenges of the contemporary world.

“Financial crises, migratory tensions, the disruption of the environment, the race for technology or radicalization of ideologies must now encourage us, more than ever, to re-examine the values and issues that we share. It is imperative for the world, if we do not want it to retract or lose its sense of diversity which underlies its richness”,
Jean-Christophe FROMANTIN
President of Ateliers de l’Universel

One goal: to put the Universal back into public debate

In this context, it is time to put forth the values of audacity, sharing, of universality and innovation. There are challenges on the ecological, migratory, technological, and urban levels: the world thinks today as a whole: “Think Global but Act Local”. We often share the same products, the same services, the same brands, the same points. Our societies are standardized, and the same is so of our problems and challenges.

To share and re-share like-minded ideals, the prompting of essential questions about issues for our future, and to open debates which allow every person to contribute to it, are what “Les Atelier de l’Universel” (Workshops of the Universal) puts into play.

A series of concrete actions led by “Les Ateliers de l’Universel”

The association are revolving around four components:

  • An online exchange platform “lesateliersdeluniversel.org” whereby many personalities and anonymous people may speak on the notion of the universal;
  • A series of events, meetings and round table discussions organized in several countries, to discuss values and universal issues and to create propositions for action;
  • A major international event called “Universal” to be held in Paris in 2019, at the Musée de l’Homme, which will bring together personalities and universes from four corners of the Earth, for the ‘imperativeness’ of universality, and forms of possible mobilization;
  • Finally, a collection of writings made from and about the series of debates, and a ‘call for the universal’… giving a solution to this project, widely distributed at the end of 2019.
Rules for the call


  • This call for projects is launched by the association, “Les Ateliers de l’Universel” in partnership with “European Pepinieres de Creation”, in the framework of the project and event, “Universal”, initiated and produced by “Les Ateliers de l’Universel”.
  • The purpose of this call for projects is:
    • To select an artwork that will become the association’s emblem and that will represent its values.
    • To select one or more artworks for the event, “l’Universel”, in 2019 at the Musée de l’Homme in Paris.
  • The closing date for this call is 15th June 2019 01st July 2019 (extended)
  • In answering this call, the candidate declares to have a thorough understanding and has given his/her agreement to all the points of the present list of regulations, which is only applicable to this specific call for projects.
  • For any questions or encountered problems, please contact Jacques Urbanska, Project Manager, at “Pepinieres Europeenes de Creation”, only via this contact form page (password: universel).

Laureat / First Prize

  • Between one and three artworks may be selected as “laureates” (winners) of this call for projects and to be exhibited at the event “l’Universel”, at the Musée de l’Homme, in Paris.
  • The conditions applicable to the exhibition of the winning works at the event, “l’Universel” will be defined in a separate agreement, to be finalized with the winners.
  • One of the winning works will be awarded first prize, to become one of the emblems of the association and to represent its values.
  • The work winning first prize, will be sold to the association “Les Ateliers de l’Universel” which will become the legal owner.
  • The conditions for the sale of the winning artwork, will be defined in a separate agreement, and will be finalized with the winner of this project. The agreement will also then stipulate conditions applicable to the exhibition of his/her winning artwork during the event, “l’Universel”.
  • Any application that has been submitted to this call, via the registration form, will be up for consideration as “laureate”. The person whose artwork has been designated as “laureate” following its deliberation and whose person (or group of persons) having submitted the application, must accept the agreements that are being designated during the call for proposals.
  • If the jury’s expectations are not satisfied by any of the artworks, the jury reserves the right to not nominate any winner, and to not distribute any prize money.


  • The author(s) of the winning artworks will each receive an endowment (up to a single endowment per winning work).
  • The total amount of all grants is 15,000 Euros. The first place winner will receive a prize of at least 10,000 Euros. The distribution of the amount of the grants will be conducted by the jury during its deliberation.
  • The reimbursement of transport costs will be up to a maximum of 500 Euros per winning work and on presentation of a bill of costs or detailed invoices by the author of the artwork.

Participation / Participants

  • No participation fee
  • Any professional artist who has reached the legal age of ‘adult’ in his / her country of residence (18 years old minimum) can answer the call and submit an application.
  • There is no restriction on age or geographical limitations.
  • This participation focuses on a single artwork per application per natural person or group of natural persons, constituted as a clearly identifiable entity.
  • Alias name, nickname, avatar etc. are not allowed to submit an application on their behalf and only the name on the identity card or passport will be valid. The exceptions will have to be explained by the candidates and will be managed on a case by case basis by the jury which will rule on the validity or not of the candidacy submitted without having to provide accounts for or about it.
  • Entity groups will have to list all their members and will have to provide, in addition to the group biography, a short presentation for each member.

The submitted artwork

  • The submitted work may be an original creation or an already existing artwork.
  • It should focus on the notion of “universal” and symbolize both “the riches of diversity” and “attachment to universal values”.
  • The fields of expression targeted by this call for projects focus on the visual and visual arts and practices that give an artistic, aesthetic or poetic representation, through forms and volumes and primarily these: painting, sculpture, photography, engraving, installation (installations must be non-ephemeral and non-in-situ, mobile objects).
  • Submissions / projects / installations that are only “intangible” * (without physicality) will not be considered by the jury (these include video, sound, film, music, light art, network / web arts, screening and video-mapping, immersive arts, sensory arts etc).
    * In all cases, if you can not submit a significant visual representation of your work, consider that your application is unlikely to be considered by the jury.


  • The jury will be composed of the President of “Ateliers de l’Universel”, “European Pepinieres de Creation” staff member/s, and cultural, artistic as well as institutional personalities from the cultural domain.
  • The decisions of the jury will be final and may not be justified or explained in any way.


  • The jury will meet in the weeks that follow the closing date of the call. The potential winners will then be contacted, in the days that follow jury meetings.
  • Public announcement of the winners will be made on the websites of “European Pepinieres de Creation” and “Ateliers de l’Universel”. The Laureats page will allow candidates to check if they have been selected.
  • This call for projects is addressed to professionals (outside of academic or institutional frameworks). No return, justification or feedback will be sent to non-winning applications.
  • Unless otherwise indicated by applicant in the registration form, all personal data collected and processed during this call, will only be used for the purpose of communicating with the candidates and within the framework of “European Pepinieres de Creation”.
  • All exceptions to this contest rules will be considered directly by the jury, who will decide without having to give any account of or about it.

Agenda (estimated)

  • July 01, 2019 (extended) | Closing date of entries
  • ± 15.07.2019 | Jury meeting
  • ± 15 > 31.07 | Confirmation of the laureat (convention + technical) + publication of the results on the web
  • ± 08 > 10.2019 | Project monitoring (formalities / technical / transport for the exhibition)
  • 11.2019 | Exhibition
Submission candidacy file


  • The application form (to download) duly completed
  • A recent CV/Biography
  • 3 visuals (maximum) of the submitted artwork or visual elements of your future creation

All files will be named starting with the full name of the artist (FamilyName_FirstName or ArtistName_)
The languages authorized for the application file are only French or English


  • The submission of the application files is closed
  • Put all documents (form + CV / Bio + 3 visuals) in a folder.
  • Create an archive of your file (zip, rar …)
  • Name the archive as follows:
    • LastName_FirstName_NameOfTheArtwork_universal2019
    • ArtistName_NameOfTheArtwork_universal2019
  • Upload your archive via the upload box and wait for confirmation before refreshing or closing the page.

Any other way to send us a file will not be valid.