The European Pepinieres of Creation are proud to announce their first partnership with the Republic of Užupis. Do you know that the Republic of Užupis has a Summer flag with a sunlit yellow handpalm?
Let’s start like this – do you know what the Republic of Uzupis is?

The Užupis Republic was declared in 1998 in the old town of Vilnius, in a run-down and undesirable district of the capital of Lithuania by a community of artists.
With a population of circa 7,000, the micronation is an independent, self-declared republic – and partly recognised by other countries.
Užupis has its own president, prime minister and ministers, a flag (actually – 4 flags, for each season), its own local currency and a tongue-in-cheek constitution, found on a public wall, translated into more than 40 languages.
The Republic is a rare island of community, self-governance, art with a sense of lightness and fun, that has been governed successfully for over 20 years.

Užupis is a Cultural Space.
It gets visitors from Vilnius as well as domestic and international tourists.
If you take a look at the Vilnius city advertisements Užupis is one of the first places recommended by the Vilnius Municipality and one of the main tourist sights for tourists coming to Vilnius, constantly contributing to this image.
Lot of city guides take the tourists here and show only main locations such as the bridge, the art incubator, the Parliament café, Angel, Constitution prospect – and that’s it.

Užupis is way bigger than that.
To change the “shortlist approach” and show that Uzupis is full of Culture we created the Užupis Summer Day of Culture.
It is now a traditional celebration, happening every year on the first Saturday of August under the Summer flag of the Republic, which drives people around the whole district and shows galleries and different people who contribute to Užupis all around the area.
Every hour there is a new location where events are happening, so visitors can walk over and see that Užupis is not about just three or four places.

In 2021, on 7th of August – Užupis full of summer culture again!
During the day there are stunning 28 events in multiple locations, beginning with Human Grand Opening with Gong Meditation and Grand Final with Artificial Intelligence, Lights and FX!



12:00 – Altana hill / Hill of Gediminas’ Grave – Alexey Sapiego – sacred sound performance – Grand opening with Gongs live.

12:00 – Krivių 43A – Visual & Voice – Creative practice.
Registration: https://fb.me/e/PIYhbQiL

13:00 – Užupio 9 – Špunka/The Angel of Užupis Square – music performance – Mantas and Girmantė live.

13:00 – Krivių 43A – Communal cooking session – visual food.

14:00 – Malūnų 6a – GoDo Gallery – exhibition – meet the author.

14:00 – Krivių 43A – Poetry therapy. “Melos” – by Tomas Čepaitis.
Registration: https://fb.me/e/1N3BzSfB1

15:00 – Užupio 9 – Coffee1 – music performance – Bloga Katė live.

16:00 – Užupio 1 – Border Post – Drawing. Plein air.
Participation: 10 EUR.
Registration: https://fb.me/e/1yeTN4BuO

16:00 – Užupio 2 – Baltic Shamans – hang drum/steel sound meditation/improvisation.

17:00 – Polocko 10 – AP Gallery – fabulous Mini Art Degustation.
Entry: 5 EUR.

17:00 – Krivių 43A – Paella and Sangria experience.

18:00 – Paupio 2 – Vilnius Potter’s Workshop – story of Vilnius ceramics.

18:00 – Krivių 43A – Performative music concert – Hasan Alp Celikel live.

19:00 – Užupio 9 – Špunka/The Angel of Užupis Square – music performance – Girmantę live.

20:00 – Užupio 2 / Main Bridge of Užupis – “Qazaqstan – 30 years” exhibition’s closing.

20:00 – Užupio 2 – Užupio kavinė – Hour of Poetry.

20:00 – Krivių 43A – “The Sun’s Night Language” – ambient electronic music live set by sound artists Covarnis and ResDigit.

21:00 – Krivių 43A – Cinema therapy. Film “I am Cuba” (dir. Mikhail Kalatozov, 1964)

21:00 – Užupio 2A – Pakrantė – Užupian Creative AI (Artificial Intelligence) music – Kosmosonic Konglomerate with Musical Blockchain – artificialive.

Also, all day for you

12:00 – 18:00 – Užupio 7 – Studio Ceramics’ Friends – original authors’ work boutique. Unique ceramics, art and more.

12:00 – 18:00 – Užupio 7 – Kolekcija – Cats! and healthy things with souvenirs.

12:00 – 15:00 – Užupio 16 – Peu-Peu Shop – Dream catchers, pendants, magical things and fantastic clothes.

12:00 – 18:00 – Polocko g. 9 – Bohemian Garden of Užupis – Be sure to ask there how Flowers goes with a Culture on the Užupis’ Summer Day of Culture!

12:00 – 15:00 – Polocko 17 – The Room – Exhibition “The Sea of Ice” (“Ledo jūra”) of Ieva Mediodia.

12:00 – 17:30 – Paupio 2 – Keistoteka.

12:00 – 17:00 – Malūnų 8 – Exhibition and video installation at the Jono Meko Vizualiniu Menu Centras.

12:00 – 19:00 – Užupio 2A – Exhibition at the Užupis Art Incubator (Užupio Meno Inkubatorius)

12:00 – 15:00 – Užupio 16 – Exhibition at the Menų Tiltas Gallery.


  • 07.08.2021
  • Nepriklausoma Užupio Respublika
  • Vilnius Lituanie
  • uzupis.e-gov.lt


  • The author of the idea and the main organizer of the Užupis’ Summer Day of Culture – H.E. Gleb Divov – the Minister of Culture and Innovations of the Republic of Užupis.
  • Užupis’ Summer Day of Culture is traditionally solely organized by the Ministry of Culture and Innovations of the Republic of Užupis and the Republic of Užupis.