What remains of the human body in the age of automated AI generation of realistic photographs? If digitization may have appeared as the preservation of traces of our humanity as underlined by French artist/author David Guez’s “Binary Steles”, it was quickly transformed into a possible egotic mirror, to henceforth replace the real human presence.

But wouldn’t there be a form of unconsciousness in this digitization, as Olivier Auber (creator and researcher in art and cognitive sciences) exposes through his series of portraits which will be, among other artistic works and research, presented in this exhibition?


12 mai

19:00 | Opening of the exhibition (avec Olivier Auber, Yann Minh, Linda Rolland, Philippe Boisnard)

21:00 | ROOM SRVC Concert (Maud Brethenoux, François-Pierre Fol, Jonas Anglade)

A Frenchs sonopetic group (previously in residence at Databaz) that weaves together the powerful text and voice of Maud Brethenoux, the cello layers of François-Pierre Fol and the electronic music of Jonas Anglade.

13 mai

11:00 | A discussion with Olivier Auber in which we will seek to understand his approach to AI (Chat-GPT, Stable diffusion, Midjourney).

Olivier Auber (FR/BE) is the creator of one of the first participatory and interactive digital works with the Générateur poétique.

The focus of this discussion/debate will be on understanding Auber’s approach to graphic AIs and his series of portraits and on the other hand what he calls “AI torture” with chat-GPT. Far from any fascination with AI, he does the same work that Nam June Paik did in his time with television, which was “aiming to martyrize the image” (Grégoire Quenault)


  • 12.05.2023 | 19:00
  • Databaz
  • 100 Rue du Gond, 16000 Angoulême, France
  • Free
  • By reservation at centre.databaz@gmail.com


  • Databaz. In partnership with Transcultures and the European Pepinieres of Creation
  • On a proposal by Philippe Boisnard – Databaz. As part of the POC and in parallel with Hors-jeux
  • Visual banner : Olivier Aubert (Stable_Diffusion-AI-Close_Portraits_French_Museum_Directors)