Transcultures begins a new partnership with Lizières (Centre of culture and ressources) and the European Pepinieres of Creation for a series of artistic residencies in sound arts. For this first Residence hosted by Lizieres centre, The French-Belgian duet Isa Belle + Paradise Now combines singing bowls, gongs, handrums, voice and guitar with the electronic treatments of the Brussels composer and sound designer Stephan Dunkelman.

A second work and recording session is planned at Lizieres in August and will conclude with a performance by this new trio discovered on stage and in environmental mode in the last edition of the City Sonic festival.


  • 17 > 22.06.20
  • Lizières
  • 11 Allée Comté de Lostanges, 02400 Épaux-Bézu, France
  • lizieres.org