Comme tout autre photographe qui poursuit l’art, Goran Jovic essaie d’apporter quelque chose de personnel à chaque photo qu’il prend.

Like any other photographer who pursues art, Goran Jovic try to bring something personal to every photo I take.

I am still learning a lot about photography every day, but as much as I discover through this discipline, I still recognize that photography is an open space, in which there are constantly new opportunities to explore it deeper.

After spending a few years capturing regional subjects and scenery, Goran Jovic thought he could really challenge himself in the field, and so he joined a mission to Tanzania with an aid association.

In retrospect, I look at that decision as a kind of instinctual compass which reinforced my desire to do this type of photography. I also find myself surrendering more and more to Africa, although I don’t think it is a conscious decision on my part. Instead, there is an unparalleled and reassuring spirit emanating from that continent that it overwhelms with genuine and raw energy. And so, I was lured by it from the beginning, and that is where I feel I belong.

Photography is a bit of art, science and story-telling. My photographic vision includes all of it – when it comes to me as a photographer I always wait for the moment and I do a lot of preparations to secure the best possible settings before the click. But, taking a shoot isn’t only about the moment and camera settings – the mood of the photo solely depends on its background story. Whose story am I trying to capture? What is he/she thinking about? Why is he/she hear? Everyone and everything has a story and that’s the moment when I love being a storyteller.


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