Alan Yee is a young Mexican fashion photographer (Estudio Base) and video director. His style of photography, at first glance rather classic “trendy trendy magazines”, nevertheless very quickly reveals an evanescent and cloudy side, where the frozen moment is an interstice into which slips a composition of ever-moving details. A nervous photograph, in which the female figure is a body that is offered to us without belonging to us: “don’t touch me baby if you don’t want to listen a story of me” seems to say its models. Beyond the garish colors, the sub-cliché or almost-natural poses, the borrowed pouts and semi-nudity “as if by accident” where sex would be a “glitch”, the photographer displays a glam/trash youthfulness which always remains at the limit correct, adding granularity and slightly shift away the smooth glossy of fashion.

In what he calls his “personnal work”, Alan Yee almost exclusively photographs civilization, human production, which prints nature, sometimes by just a few pixels. The city and its architecture are told themselves with the presence of slogan, advertisements or everyday objects, but particular, personified by their owners or by time, degradation or nature that swallow them. Once again, we find here a fairly classic genre, that of computer background visuals. Interchangeable photos, but, as elsewhere, the young photographer inserts in them the shift of his universe, his particular gaze and the under-layers of a narrative framework: the landscapes of Alan Yee tell the fragile history of men and of this planet that they transform, until exhaustion.


IONNYK is the world’s first connected and wireless digital art frame developed on electronic paper technology (patented). It is a new medium of art, culture and design, at the service of artists and their works. IONNYK is associated with a whole new ecosystem bringing together a community of artists to offer their works through a subscription or in limited edition Black & White digital format to our Art and Design enthusiast clients. IONNYK responds to a hitherto unmet market need, namely an innovative connected and digital art framework emphasizing Art and Design and not technology as such.