At the invitation of Levente Kosma, director of the Simultan Festival, Raymond Delepierre (sound artist, sound engineer, technical director at the Rideau de Bruxelles, teacher) and Philippe Franck (artistic director of Transcultures, City Sonic, sound artist and teacher) propose as part of Timisoara, European Capital of Culture in 2021, a workshop for young Romanian sound and multimedia artists (Alex Boca, Florin Fara, Lera Kelemen Simina Oprescu).

After discussing different practices and issues related to contextual sound creation, it involves creating “sonic objects” based on sounds and materials gleaned from the city and creating together an installation to be pesented to the public. on the occasion of the “Beyond the obvious” event organised by Timisoara 2021, on October 25th.

Production : Simultan, Transcultures with the support of Timisoara 201, European Capital of Europe, in partnership with the Pépinières Européennes de Création.