The film “La Force Diagonale” by Annik Leroy and Julie Morel (supported by the Pepinieres), is in international competition at the Marseille International Film Festival and will have its world premiere there.

In ‘La force diagonale’ several men and women reflect on how to live with a turning point in their life and possibly be transformed by it. The film weaves subtle connections between these personal narratives to highlight the impact of external conflicts on individuals. It then turns to a key focus in the work of political philosopher Hannah Arendt: the human capacity to begin, to introduce something new into the world we share. ‘La force diagonale’ seeks to render tangible this human dimension, always threatened and yet ever irrepressible.

With Tremor. Es ist immer Krieg (FID 2017), Annik Leroy hammered the point home – even caught up in the 20th century and its destructive forces, “Man does not cry, he fights”. In this film, co-written with Julie Morel, we find the same power and energy intact and deployed in two stages. First of all, four portraits in which we learn that practising art or thought has enabled each of the subjects to live through and confront the traumas born of social violence. For one of them it’s voluntary exile and survival thanks to the inner strength brought about by singing, for another, it’s retreating from the world and into writing…

Read more about the presentation of the film by Nicolas Feodoroff on the FIDMarseille website

Annik Leroy

Cinematographer and director, who made several feature films such as Le paradis terrestre (1973), In der Dämmerstunde – Berlin (1980), Vers la mer(1999), TREMOR. Es ist immer Krieg (2017) and installations such as Cell 719 (2006) and Meinhof. 3 (2008).

Somewhere between speculation and reality, Annik Leroy’s installation and meditative films explore the dark areas of European history. She taught at ERG and LUCA Hogeschool Sint-Lukas. She has also received several awards for her films, among others: Best Film at IV Fronteira Festival, Gentilly Documentary Screens Award, Best Documentary Award at the An Arbor Festival, Special Mention at the Festival Filmer à tout prix, Scam Award for Audiovisual Documentary ... The DOK Leipzig festival dedicated a tribute in 2020.

Julie Morel

Visual artist and filmmaker who since 2000 made installations with S8, 16mm, slides, music, video and drawings as well as shorter films that were shown at Argos Brussels, Courtisane Ghent, MuHKA Antwerp, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Kunstraum Bethanien, Arte a.o. She worked on TREMOR. Es ist immer Krieg (2017) by Annik Leroy on camera, sound and editing.

La force diagonal (2023) is her first feature film as a co-writer and -director. Julie Morel teaches at ERG in Brussels since 2019.


La Force Diagonale
  • Performance & choreography : Claire Vivianne Sobottke
  • Avec : Mehtiba Dževlan, Merima Kadrić, Roger Rousseau, Franz-Peter Van Boxelaer & Ruben Diwantessa
  • Camera : Annik Leroy & Els van Riel
  • Sound : Julie Morel & Laszlo Umbreit
  • Image editing : Annik Leroy & Julie Morel
  • Sound supervising & mixing : Laszlo Umbreit
  • Sound mixing : Rémi Gerard at Empire Digital
  • Color grading : Audrick Mercier at Charbon Studio
  • Translations & subtitles : DesAirs productions, Boris Belay, Vladimir Pavlović, Milena Marić & Melanie Munt
  • With the voices of : Claudia von Alemann, Louise Imme Bode, Lucy Grauman, Barbara Schild & Hannah Arendt