Sound Changes the City, City Changes the Sound – Multiversum et alibi
Creation residency

This new piece explores the transformative power of sound in shaping urban environments. From the bustling streets to the tranquil parks, sound design has a profound impact on our experiences of the city. Through this audiovisual work, we delve into the perspective of sound as a governing force in the city, investigating how it can influence the health and well-being of citizens. By experimenting with innovative solutions, we seek to improve the livability and walkability of our cities, while addressing ecological and social concerns.

As we navigate through this multiverse of sound, we uncover the intricate relationships between sound and the city, shedding light on the often-overlooked aspects of our environment.

To develop “Sound Changes the City, City Changes the Sound – Multiversum et alibi” Gleb Divov uses his invention PlanetSenseBox IoT device (specially designed for” Sound changes the City / Sound changes the Planet” global initiative) and the Musical Blockchain – multi-awarded psychology-based AI Music composer.

Through this multidimensional artistic approach, Gleb Divov strives to inspire change, turning our attention towards the serious implications of sound in our lives.

A sonic tapestry of the city is weaving, transforming the soundscape into an immersive and interactive experience. Sound changes the city, and the city changes the sound! An invitation to explore the multiversum et alibi together.

Musical Blockchain

Multi-awarded (9 international awards), world’s first psychology-based Creative AI music composer and digital art creator (created in the Republic of Užupis, Lithuania), that composes original relevant music and verbalizes emotional layers in a form of digital art (blockchain-based, audioNFT/xNFT-ready). It is the world’s first Creative approach to Blockchain+AI. Musical Blockchain has received several honorable mentions from the European Commission and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

This installation will be show as part of the Reimagining the city exhibition at Kompresoriné -Ideas Block (Vilnius) from March 11th till 18th 2023 in the framework of the City Sonic Vilnius Spring  Soundcamp #1. Gleb Divov will perform using live digital generative urban images with sound artist Paradise Now (BE/FR) at Kompresoriné -Ideas Block (Vilnius) on March 12th 2023.

Gleb Divov (Ru, Lt/Uzupis Republic)

Gleb is a pioneer of the Creative AI and NFT / CryptoArt Scene, OG CryptoArtist and an active member of the NFT / CryptoArt Community. Working in a music+tech field, he proposed the idea of AudioNFT with the Musical Blockchain (multi-awarded, psychology-based Creative AI composer) invention and coined the exact “audioNFT” term in 2018.

He organized number of a real-world NFT CryptoArt popup exhibitions starting in 2018, with a notable GalleryCube cryptoart exhibition in 2019 in the Town Hall Square in Vilnius, Lithuania, having on display Mattia Cuttini, Oficinas TK, Hackatao, GusGG, Ilan Katin, Bitcorn and other important scene pioneers. He created GalleryBox (2018) – complex Cryptoart/Digital Art IoT hardware and software (platform) solution for the physical Galleries, XR/blockchain/NFT-enabled; prototyped and created GalleryFrame (2019) – hardware digital frame solution to display personal cryptoart/digital art collection, GalleryBox-connected.

In 2019 Gleb Divov created the first Lithuanian NFT – digital art piece. In 2020 he launched Digital//Kalnas gallery – world’s first physical multiverse cryptoart/digital art gallery [blockchain-, NFT-, XR- and metaverse- enabled, GalleryFrame and GalleryBox tech solutions showcase] in the Republic of Užupis, Lithuania. Digital//Kalnas became the first dedicated gallery of the Multiverse Gallery Network, launched by Gleb in 2020 – it is a real world/VR multiverse-connected network of a physical gallery spaces with NFT/cryptoart/digital art screen panels in Baltics and Germany. Live/virtual exhibition tours, sales, canvas prints, reproductions.

Gleb is the Founder of the FAYR Ecosystem – bootstrapped international Ecosystem of the internal projects, with a HQ in the Republic of Užupis (Vilnius), Lithuania, creating pioneering innovations at the intersection of Technologies with the Culture/Music/Art, Education, Psychology/Healthcare, Urban environment, Acoustic/Soundscape Ecology, Carbon Footprint reduction, Zero-Waste lifestyle, Smart Cities, Travel, Tourism and Hospitality and other areas and industries.

Gleb Divov is also the Minister of Culture and Innovations of the Republic of Užupis (Vilnius, Lithuania). In this framework, he has organized many cultural events in Užupis, Vilnius, Lithuania and abroad. The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania granted to Gleb Divov the status of Artistic Creator of the Republic of Lithuania, recognizing his extensive cultural and social work and confirming that his work complies with the requirements of the Law on the Status of the Artistic Creator of the Republic of Lithuania, has a lasting value and is significant for society.



  • 05.03 > 18.03 | Residence
  • Part1 – Transonic Lab Paris (Fr)
  • Part2- Vilnius (Lt)
  • 11 > 18.03.2023 | Exposition
  • 12.03.2023 | Performance
  • Kompresoriné -Ideas Block
  • A. Goštauto st. 11, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • citysonic.lt


  • Partnership : Transcultures Europe, European Pepinieres of Creation, Ministry of Culture and Innovations of the Republic of Užupis, FAYR Ecosystem and other partners and friends and for the “Reimagining the city” exhibition and performance part.
  • With the support of Ideas Block, Uzutekia, Oasis Art.