With in-house team of developers and designers In-Dialog take on research project that have an artistic direction while using state of the art technology. Mostly made for art festivals, gallery and museums this experiments allows to the collective to have playground where we can test out our latest ideas.

Human-machine interaction, experimentation, education, discrimination, human rights, community empowerment and open source are at the heart of In-Dialog reflection.

In-Dialog is exploring a work methodology that uses creatively machines and algorithms to research the manner in which we interact and perceive our environment. In-Dialog’s work is based on a trans-disciplinary approach in experimenting with digital technologies.

The studio was founded in 2014 by Calin Segal, Tiffany Attali and Joaquin Villalba, with the vision of creating devices, installations and performances that explore human and machine interactions.

Château Éphémère – Sound & digital factory

Supported by the Greater Paris Seine & Oise Urban Community, the Château Vanderbilt rehabilitation project was awarded to the Caserne Éphémère association, which for more than 25 years has been pursuing the objective of transforming abandoned spaces into places of artistic imagination. Two years of study were necessary to revive this Anglo-Norman residence and give it an innovative artistic boost. Only 3 years, to pass from the stage of reflection realization.

Place of residences and digital creation, Château Éphémère has offered, since November 2014 and over 2000 m2, more than a dozen workshops with a creative vocation, artistic residences, a digital laboratory as well as spaces for transmission and exchange.

Once a year, Château Éphémère launches a open call for candidatures to sound and digital artists wishing to benefit from privileged support which combines production grants, workspace, accommodation and the provision of a quality technical park. However, throughout the year, the Château Éphémère welcomes artists carrying out innovative projects and needing space to carry it out for shorter periods.