A new i-REAL World will be tested in VR for the first time during the Recto VRso Festival du Laval Virtual 2022: i+M/PORTÉ by L-e_F-O+OL i-REAL, in the R-O+O- Like a wireframe wave 20,000 leagues under the sea, the travel-ACT® discovers a luminous and phantasmagorical underwater world…

Despite the aesthetics emphasizing a form of apparent tranquility, ecological and almost New Age, new interactivity devices lead him to experiment with sound tracks ®-PRODUCING an exterior that is sometimes STRANGE, disturbing, noisy, muffled, rendered in the yardstick of the visible through a fiction by the thickness of the immersion… T-O+OT similarity with current events not necessarily being A-u_J-O+O-R_d-U_i totally fortuitous…

Blockchain et NFT : Matthieu Quiniou /// CiTu – Paragraphe
Conception & programming : Jonathan Juste /// Pixelpirate
Musique : Paradise Now /// Transcultures




  • i-Real reçoit le soutien de CiTu – Paragraphe, 89/92 R&D, Pixelpirate, Transcultures, Pépinières européennes de Création, World XR Forum Crans-Montana, SP3CE Gallery, Āto, XRKitchen, Société i Matériel.