​The “d-E+E-p_d-i+V-E” project is part of the iREAL WORLD project led by artist researcher Marc Veyrat and supported by Transcultures. It was tested in VR for the first time during the Recto VRso Art Festival of Laval Virtual 2022, then during the FMSH Digital Mediation Platform Seminar at Casa di e Scenze (Bastia) and finally during SMART CITY CONNECT in Casablanca in partnership with the MOROCCO NUMERICA festival…

He will be in the virtual reality space of the 38th edition of the International Videoformes festival in Clermont Ferrand, a long-time partner of Transcultures.

To read (french) : i-REAL – a Travel in Sensitive Cartographies – by Philippe Franck | Turbulences Video #114 

i-REAL is a digital arts and hypermedia project that mixes triggered VR environments using cards placed on a JE(U) – game board. These cards are i-REALIZED with/from the social network Instagram and uploaded/posted on Pinterest. Using these connections open worlds in VR. Clues scattered across maps, the board, social media, and in VR environments can unlock blockchain and cryptocurrency… i-REAL is constantly branching out through dissemination across multiple interconnected networks — across multiple devices/worlds — we questioning the relevance of a master of the game. An AI indeed creates alphanumeric toto-portraits from the words arranged on the i-REAL Cards. These appear through the ANT-i PLATEAU arranged under the JE(U) board like a programmed mirror of the gamers when he places a Card on the JE(U) board…. The i- cartography REAL ®-PLAYS itself constantly with the help of relations between texts and images.


“d-E+E-p_d-i+V-E“ takes us into L-e_F-O+O-L i-REAL, the R-O+O-L_i of a wireframe wave 20,000 leagues under the sea… The travel -ACT® in VR introduces a luminous and phantasmagorical underwater world… Where, despite the aesthetics emphasizing a form of apparent tranquility, ecological and almost New Age, new interactivity devices will allow him to experiment with sound beaches ® -PRODUCING an exterior that is sometimes STRANGE, disturbing, noisy, muffled, rendered by the yardstick of the visible through a fiction by the depth of immersion…

Blockchain et NFT : Matthieu Quiniou /// CiTu – Paragraphe
Design and programming : Jonathan Juste /// Pixelpirate
Sound : Paradise Now /// Transcultures

Marc Veyrat (Fr)

Artist, Aggregated, HDR Lecturer in Art Sciences
Director Hypermedia Communication Department – Savoie Mont-Blanc University
CiTu Paragraphe Laboratory – Paris 8 University
Associate researcher UNESCO / ITEN Chair (Innovation, Transmission, Digital Publishing)

Marc Veyrat is interested in the complexity of informational formatting – in digital, visual and contemporary art – of networking and communication strategies, in particular in Mixed Reality (XR) devices and through networks. social or the web.



  • 16.03 > 19.03. 2023
  • Friday and Saturday: 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. – Sunday: 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Festival Vidéoformes
  • Salle Gripel, Maison de la Culture
  • 1 Rue Abbé de l’Épée, Clermont-Ferrand
  • Free access, from 13 years old
  • festival2023.videoformes.com


  • The i-REAL project receives support from : CiTu – Paragraphe, 89/92 R&D, Pixelpirate, Transcultures, Pépinières européennes de Création, World XR Forum Crans-Montana, SP3CE Gallery, Āto, XRKitchen, Société i Matériel.