In the frameworks of the Pépinières Européennes de Création and its cross-arts residencies program, Vice Versa, Transcultures (Center interdisciplinary of digital and sound cultures based in Charleroi), launches with LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE (Center for visual and digital arts based in Quebec City), a fourth series of residencies between the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Quebec, for the realization of a project in the field of digital arts (installation, performance …).

These residencies will bring together an artist residing in Quebec and an artist resident in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and will close with public presentations.

The deadline for this call is 19 August 2018.

Crossed residences – general principle

An artist from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and a Quebec artists working on fields and/or complementary skills will be selected to work together in a series of cross-media residencies (in Quebec and Wallonia) in the goal of making a “singular” common work that will be presented to the public under the terms of the 2 residences.

Details and application criteria

The call is open to anyone residing in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and Quebec having sufficient knowledge and / or technical skills to respond to current multimedia creations in the fields “art + new technologies / science / research / innovation …” .

Participants must demonstrate an interest in collaborative work and it is necessary that they work in the field of digital or multimedia arts (installations, interactive devices, geolocatives, virtual / augmented reality …), networked arts (net-web art …) or new inter / multimedia performative practices.

All additional information and conditions are detailed in the regulations (in french).