Didié Nietzsche (Radio Prague, A Limb, Lamaphi, Neptunian Maximalism- BE) returns to the Transonic Lab to find Paradise Now (the sound project also with variable geometry by Philippe Franck – BE / FR) to finish with the American-Lebanese author / performer Biba Sheikh a Sonopoetics album (on the alter label Transonic) based on texts from the book “Akashic Diaries – Detroit Degree Zero and other crisis writings” to be released soon.

This future opus, outcome of this transatlantic and audio poetic collaboration initiated in Spring 2020 by Paradise Now as part of the No Lockdown Art – confined correspondences initiative (launched by Transcultures and the European Creation Pepnières to support artistic projects and exchanges during the confinement) will bring together spoken word readings, vocal improvisations by Biba Sheikh as well as field recordings from Detroit and Beirut processed by Paradise Now and Didié Nietzsche.

Below, you can find a first single Soul migration (Ceremony mix) released on the album Transonic Lab Residency (EP#1) and the album No Lockdown Sonopoetics [in progress sessions] from the project No Lockdown Art – confined correspondences.


  • 25>28.04.2021
  • Transonic Lab – La Louvière Belgique