This first collective residency aims to develop a live performative component to the mixed reality project d-E+E-p_d-i+V-E imagined by creator/researcher Marc Veyrat. This device will include a dancer (Cécile Sol), a live sound treatment (Paradise Now and Tommy Lawson) from electronic landscapes and singing voices (eventually live by various guests including Corsican singers for the next edition of the Zone festival Libre à Bastia 2023), all handled by Jonathan Juste (Pixelpirate) who designed and developed the d-E+E-p_d-i+V-E program.

With Marc Veyrat (Fr) – Tomy Lawson (Fr) – Cécile Sol (Fr) – Jonathan Juste (Fr) – Paradise Now (Fr/Be)

The new i-REAL World https://i-real.world (World  3 – d-E+E-p_d-i+V-E) tested in VR for the first time during the Recto VRso Art Festival of Laval Virtual 2022 (FR), then during the FMSH – Digital Mediation Platform Seminar at the Casa di e Scenze – House of Sciences / Bastia and finally during the Smart City Connect  Casablanca symposium (May 2022) in partnership with Morrocco Numerica… will now benefit from an extension staged and performed, produced by Zone Libre and Transcultures. This hybrid performance, combining dance, sound creation and digital technologies, will be premiered during the next edition of the Zone Libre sound arts festival in Bastia in February 2023. Tommy Lawson and Paradise Now create the music; Cécile Sol the choreography.

d-E+E-p_d-i+V-E takes us into L-e_F-O+O-L i-REAL, the R-O+O-L_i of a wireframe wave 20,000 leagues under the sea… The travel-actor in VR (in this case Tommy Lawson, sound artist and director of the Zone Libre Festival in Bastia) will make us discover during the performance this luminous and phantasmagorical underwater World 3… where, despite the aesthetics emphasizing a form of apparent tranquility, ecological new interactivity devices will allow him to experiment with sound tracks reproducing a sometimes strange, disturbing, noisy, muffled exterior, rendered in the yardstick of the visible through a fiction by the thickness of the immersion… (any similarity with current events not necessarily being totally fortuitous today!)… A real cask cyclop i-mobile determining the registration in this free zone of performance, it will be in a way “worried“ / questioned through the choreography designed and performed by Cécile Sol, further reinforced by the live sound intervention of Paradise Now.

This residency will also allow the presentation of the project during the Computer Art Congress 7 at HEAD, Geneva on September 1 and 2, 2022.
Blockchain & NFT: Matthieu Quiniou – CiTu – Paragraphe
Conceptualization & programming : Jonathan Juste – Pixelpirate
Music: Paradise Now & Tommy Lawson
Choreography: Cécile Sol


  • 29 > 31.08.2022
  • Université Savoie Mont-blanc
  • i-Real is supported by CiTu – Paragraphe, 89/92 R&D, Pixelpirate, Transcultures, European Pepinieres of Creation, World XR Forum Crans-Montana, SP3CE Gallery, Āto, XRKitchen, Société i Matériel.
  • i-real.world


  • Production : Transcultures, Zone Libre
  • With the support of the University of Savoie-Mont Blanc (Hypermedia Communication department) and the CiTu-Paragraphe laboratory (Paris 8 University)